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You think I'm the most sane out of all of them? say that to my 5-billion year history. - Mason, the first guardian

Physical Description[edit]

They vary in almost every way imaginable, but one thing always stays is their tendency to insanity. The more common the race in the universe, the more likely they will have a guardian outcast. Guardian is a trait achieved by either pure luck (perfect 50/50 split of elf and human blood, only 20 recorded in a 10 billion population check, across multiple universes) or by surviving magic spellcasting in a genetics alterable blood, or altering the genetics of a magic-based race. Very rarely do entire human races have this trait, but by 100's generations every power is gone. TL;DR they can be anything.


History is very confusing, but often it starts with Mason, who has lived since the dawn of time. He is a god or abomination to varying races and individuals, and if a guardian is aware of their background, often results to a favouring of him, and him looking upon them. History is never recorded as guardians are too far and few between, and more often than not commit suicide from insanity before they can achieve much.

Guardian Names[edit]

Names usually depend on the race they originate from.

Guardian Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2 and your Wisdom score increases by 2. As well, your Constitution score lowers by 2.
Age. Guardians usually live ten times their race's limit even without abilities stopping aging.
Alignment. never lawful, they tend to any neutral or chaotic alignment. Their past heavily affects their alignment and can change if the majority of their past is of a different alignment.
Size. Depends on the Base Race. A human will be medium but an orc may be large.
Speed. The base rate depends on the original rate, but can be altered by traits. Their sight depends on the original race, quite often altered by traits.


As most guardians are prone to it, they can be affected by some things or sometimes not. most guardians have a threshold of 25-50 before changes occur to their mental (or psychic) health. every 50, or 100 insanity points, the DM (and dice) will decide what trait you earn.

  • no change. sometimes, they stick through it. usually does not happen twice in a row.
  • suicidal tendencies. most common among guardians, but almost guaranteed by ones who cannot die. if stuck in a tight spot, they will attempt to kill themselves. if in battle they may run into a fireball blast or grenade throw to make sure they, and their enemies, die. Usually one of the first picks if chaotic is the alignment.
  • alignment change. they will switch to the chaotic alignment, and if already chaotic, go down a step, to neutral or evil chaotic.
  • charisma score adjustment. they lose charisma score every time this is applied, seeming rude, evil, or downright creepy.
  • aggressive behaviours. Your character's natural solution to problems is brute force and death, in whichever light he views them.
  • deformation. can be taken up to 2-4 times, depending on an exponential insanity level requirement (50, 200, 500) an uncontrollable shadow limb may appear and do something based on the chaotic alignment they have. They can call upon it if the action is to aid them in protection or in the alignment's manner, but cannot be forcefully desummoned, but the character can attack it, injuring the side's arm it sprouted from. Does not destroy any form of clothing or wearables, but can destroy or hurt things (1d6 necrotic damage) if it decides to.
  • second mind. A being (or two, if over 200 insanity) will attempt to convince you to do things of its alignment. at 500 sanity, it (or one of them, and exclusively that one) may take over in dire instances until it decides to subside, and if sanity is lowered by 75 through any means, you will be able to bargain with what it wishes to do. The second mind will always have an agenda when it takes over, but when it is lawful neutral, true neutral, neutral good or lawful good, it may take alternate bargaining forms, other than allowing its agenda in some form. the second mind will take the form of the character in its primal form (for instance, a tabaxi may see a panther, possibly itself in different tabaxi clothing, or an aaorocka may see one in its guard barding).

Meta acknowledgement. Though usually not fully aware, can hear important stories and actions from a sight like thinking in your imagination. If your guardian has a shut-off weakness, when shut off, they can see 3ft in the adjacent squares around them, allowing for attacking at disadvantage, or normally if adjusted to fighting like this (200+ years of fighting experience). If 1000+ years old with this trait, they can see their stats as well as the player does, and may start to talk about things as the player does, but insanity will be raised by 25 points permanently if they talk breaking the 4th wall (or 5th).
Electric Shutoff. When attacked with thunder damage, They experience a shutoff in powers. after 2d20+20 minutes (consistent every time, add to character sheet) without thunder damage, they regain all powers at once.take only 1 or 2 shutoff traits.
Teleportation/Time Stop. if just begun with it, they can teleport themselves aproximately the distance of a large pond. after 100 years of experience, they can teleport between 2 major locations to them, or take 50lbs (or one medium-sized object or person) with them, alongside their belongings. every so often, add a trait (or the other described):
1000: time stopping
200: sight while teleporting
250: teleport anywhere within the universe (or as a fantasy player may call, plane) cannot teleport between planes.
500: natural (and controllable) use of teleporting while fighting (escape without advantage attack, multiattack able to hit as many characters as separate attacks)
1500: gain all but gain +15 insanity
shutoff will totally turn off any and all teleportation or time-stop powers.
Unconciousness Shutoff. Whenever you are forced asleep, you are guaranteed to be asleep for 1 hour(and only 1 hour at most), and in shutoff for an hour after.
Manipulation. They can do nearly everything with this trait, especially with enough practice can make their illusions solid and intractable... though add an insanity trait if you commonly and willingly make the illusions solid.
hypermortality. good luck dying. once your character reaches its young adult (or fully grown status) it cannot change its physical appearance, cannot permanently lose limbs, and cannot die forever. If they do actually die, respawn from nothing, appearing as a grey sludge mound, and be at least 50km from the death location. All memories, abilities, insanity traits, everything ever gained up to the point of death will be retained and all scars/injuries will be healed without sideaffects. BUT, due to trauma, add +5 insanity each time a limb is lost, and for each near-death and full-death experiences. Yes, you can re-attached dismembered limbs, even your head (head up to 1d4 turns after detachment) yourself.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write your race's language, and add +5 insanity for the first extra, +20 for the second extra.

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