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Guardian Beast[edit]

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Nature, and some druid enclaves, sometimes enlist the aid of beings that normally are of animal intelligence to guard locations or protect nature.

Creating a Guardian Beast[edit]

Guardian Beast is an acquired template that can be applied to any animal or magical beast of animal-like intelligence (3 or lower).

Size and Type[edit]

Animals become magical beasts and gain the augmented subtype. A guardian beast gains 2 additional skill points per racial Hit Die, and speaks Common and Sylvan in addition to any languages it may gain from its increased Intelligence score (see below).

Hit Dice[edit]

Same as Base Creature.


Same as Base Creature.

Armor Class[edit]

Same as Base Creature.


The creature gains proficiency with any two martial or exotic weapons.

Special Attacks[edit]

Same as base creature.

Special Qualities[edit]

Change Shape (Su): a Guardian Beast can assume the form of any small or medium humanoid.


+2 Charisma. The creature's Intelligence score becomes 4d6k3 (reroll if the score would be less than 4).


+2 racial bonus on Knowledge (Nature) and Survival checks.


The creature is no longer restricted to animal-intelligence feats, and can choose new feats for its racial Hit Dice if it wishes.


Any natural.


Solitary or squad (1 + 1d6 druids)

Challenge Rating[edit]

Same as base creature, unless the base creature is Medium or smaller, in which case same as base creature +1.




Changes to any neutral (chaotic neutral, neutral evil, neutral good, lawful neutral, or true neutral)


Same as base creature or by character class

Level Adjustment[edit]

Becomes +0.

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