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Rogue Subclass Grimm Reaper[edit]

killing is not an addiction to you. You don't have a blood lust, if anything a bit of remorse as you end those suffering in this world. You see it as your responsibility to execute anyone who doesn't obey your rules. The arrogant fall without mercy, you hang the thieves in town, your ways are feared by anyone who knows of your presence.


beginning at level 3 when you gain this subclass, You gain advantage on saves against being frightened. additionally, if anything that would try to induce fear apon you and you pass the save, they must make a Wisdom save of your spell DC or be frightened by you. That creature makes an Wisdom check every turn to snap out of it if it fails. If it does, it isn't afraid again unless it tries to induce fear apon you again. You use your Cha as your spell Mod.


Beginning at level 9, Once per short rest, you can active the unbound ability. While unbound, you appear slightly hazed, glossing in and out of sight, while in this state your AC is increased by 1 and you roll sneak attack damage with every attack, also opportunity attacks cannot be activated on you while in this state. Unbound lasts until the end of your turn however if you bring a creatures HP to zero, the effect will stay until the end of your next turn, this loop can be done indefinitely.

Silent Stalker

beginning at level 13 you've mastered your physical forms ability to be out of sight. while not directly in light, you roll with advantage on sneaking. While in sneak you can activate "Silent napper" You dash up to your speed away to target creature and pounce on them. They and you are knocked prone and both must roll a grapple check. If you win the grapple, they are restrained and cannot make any noise, making the entire interaction silent. If the creature succeeds the check you are knocked to the ground, remaining prone while the creature stands up. If the creature is unaware of your presence at, all you roll with advantage.


beginning at level 17, you're at the top of the food chain. You can increase your charisma by +4. Your maximum charisma is now 24. Any creature immune to fear can be afraid of you. You gain the frightful presence action. Each creature of your choice within 60 feet and are aware of you must succeed a DC wisdom saving throw of your spell DC or be frightened for 1 minute. The creature can repeat this check at the end of its turn every turn until the one minute is up or they succeed if either occur, the creature is immune to frightening presence until you land an attack on that creature. Additionally all of your power can't be stored in you alone. You bond to one of your weapons, you can summon and Banish that weapon using a bonus action. That weapon permanently gains +1 to hit and +1 damage. Only you are able to hold this weapon. If another creature tries to hold the weapon must make a DC 25 or they are frightened and drop the weapon. While holding the weapon any creature that is afraid of you can be struck from double the original distance of the weapon. Damage dealt this way with the extra reach is counted as psychic damage. Also, you can cast major Illusion as a cantrip however only creatures frightened by you can see the illustration.

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