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Grim Reapers[edit]


Grim Reapers in and of themselves do not have a force of personality, or even their own emotions, being simply tools employed by extraplanar beings, usually to harvest the souls of - or punish - the wicked; though exceptions exist when these beings are employed for whatever reason by an evil deity.

Physical Description[edit]

Reapers have no 'real' physical form, and are mostly composed of shadows beneath a shadowy cloak. Their 'actual' appearance can be requested by the client deity. They tend to look like Moon Elves, though Reapers of Sharess tend to have a requested sense of ultimate beauty and personality, effectively adding +4 to their charisma.


Grim Reapers are always tools being used by the deities to maintain balance, and as such have no opinion or beliefs about the mortal or immortal races, even if their employer does. A Grim Reaper interacts well with other good or neutral party members. They can interact with evil party members, however, they will watch them closely and will not shed a tear at reaping their soul if a GR thinks that they deserve it. Created by Kelemvor, however, they maintain a constant link - however tiny - to him, and seem much harsher in their judgement for the cowardly or dishonorable.


Grim Reapers are always the lawful version of their client.


Grim Reapers can be found throughout the planes, though they are native to the Fugue Plane, where they patiently await their next summoning.


Grim Reapers do not worship, but are tools created by Kelemvor after the Time of Troubles as a means of keeping balance; initially, this only made things worse, but it was deemed allowed and even necessary to allow the other gods to use them as tools as well in order to maintain balance.


Reapers do not have their own native language, instead utilizing the languages of those around them; they effectively gain the Language Thief ability (Su).


Reapers do not have their own names, any nickname they would go by would be given to them by their clients or people around them.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, +4 Wisdom,: Grim Reapers are tougher and more agile than the average humanoid, but lack any sort of personality or personal goals.
  • Outsider (Shadow, Extraplanar): Grim Reapers were created on and await assignments in the Fugue Plane, but their forms are less spirit-like and more resembling beings of shadows in cloaks.
  • Outsider Traits : A Grim Reaper begins with 2 levels of Outsider.
    • This grants them 2d10 for Hit Points, + Constitution modifier
    • Darkvision and Truesight out to 120 Feet
    • Skill points equal to (8 + Int Modifier, minimum of 1), with quadruple skill points at 1st level
    • Skills of Balance, Bluff, Climb, Diplomacy, Disguise, Gather Information, Intimidate, Listen, and Spot.
    • Outsiders do not need to eat, breathe, or sleep (although they can do so if they wish).
    • Unlike most other living creatures, Grim Reapers do not have a soul. When a Grim Reaper is slain, no soul is set loose. Spells that restore souls to their bodies, such as raise dead, reincarnate, and resurrection, don’t work on a Grim Reaper.
    • Proficient with simple weapons, but no armor. A Grim Reaper is also proficient with a Shortsword and Scythe, though it is their specific, personal scythe, not all scythes.
  • Must wear their black robes at all times.
  • Medium: Medium creatures gain no penalties or bonuses related to size.
  • Grim Reapers base land speed is 50 feet.
  • Reaping (Ex).: A Grim Reaper can summon his chosen weapon (usually a scythe) from an extra dimensional pocket. The grim reaper can perform a death attack similar to that of an assassin by studying his target for 2 rounds. While studying the victim, the GR can undertake other actions so long as his attention stays focused on the target and the target does not detect the GR or recognize the GR as an enemy. The subject of the death must make a Fortitude save (DC 20 + reaper levels + Wisdom modifier) or have their soul sucked out of their body into the GR's weapon. If the subject is undead then it must make a Will save (DC 30 + 1/2 reaper levels + Wisdom modifier) or suffer the same effect.
  • Ethereal Jaunt (Su).: The grim reaper can enter the ethereal plane for 5 rounds. This improves to 10 rounds at level 7. At level 12 the grim reaper can freely enter the ethereal plane for as long as they wish.
  • Reaper Cloak (Su).: The character has spell resistance (10 + grim reaper levels) and a natural armor bonus of 2 + GR levels.
  • Shadow Walk (Su).: The GR may walk in the light as a shadow, other shadows creating a sort of 2D wall. The total distance is unlimited, and can be used at will.
  • Death's Door: 1/day — A black portal opens underneath the targets feet. The target must first make a Reflex save (dc 20 + reaper levels+ Wis mod) if they fail they then must make a Will save (dc 15+ reaper level + Wis mod). If they fail both saves their soul is immediately sucked from their body and goes straight to judgement ( leaving the target quite dead and all of his equipment intact).
  • Detect Undead: At will — The Grim Reaper gains Detect Undead as a spell-like ability, usable at-will. Caster level equals Grim Reaper level.
  • Language Thief (Su): Whenever a Grim Reaper is within 50 feet of an intelligent speaking creature, he can steal their language for 72 hours. Grim Reapers can steal up to five languages at a time, and if they steal more than three language in a 24-hour period, they automatically lose the first language.
  • Death Incarnate: The reaper is a form of death itself and is therefore immune to it. The Grim Reaper cannot be knocked unconscious, and is considered dead at 0 HP. If the Grim Reaper would take enough damage to kill him: instead of dying, his body turns to ash and is blown away. However, because a reaper's deity holds them, they can resurrect at a chosen destination in 1d10 days. Reapers have no souls.
  • Immunity to sleep and charm effects: Grim Reapers do not sleep, and do not need to sleep, and their lack of a personal mind acts as a counter to any mind-effecting spells or powers.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Grim Reaper height and weight are determined by the client deity.

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