Grievoux Raze (3.5e Deity)

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Symbol: A grinning skull crushing a heart between its teeth
Home Plane: Astral Plane
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Necromancy, Grafts, Slavers, Laughter, Insanity
Clergy Alignments: Any (must have non-undead graft)
Domains: Death, Maddness, and Magic
Favored Weapon: Mercrucial Greatsword
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Raze appears to be a humanoid of average size, seemingly a human with pointed ears at first glance, but upon closer inspection he is much more aberrant. Looking at his face reveals two differently colored eyes, one a glowing purple and the other has an iris of crimson and is black where the white should be. Fangs replace the front teeth of both the top and bottom rows of his mouth and his tongue is long with a pointed tip. If his arms are exposed then the right is slightly larger than the left and covered with gleaming red scales. His left arm is pale-white with black, crackling energy playing about the fingers. Both arms are clawed and well-muscled. Raze's legs are perhaps his most normal looking feature because they are only well-muscled and taloned, but other than that they appear human. From his back sprout two dragon-like wings, which are scaled and black. He has a tail that also appears dragon-like, but ends in a wicked stinger. The torso is covered with an armor-like plating of pale-orange scales. The last, and possibly most disturbing, feature of Raze are the long, sinuous tentacles attached to his waist.

Most of the time Raze wears clothes modified to comfortably fit his bodily oddities. He does not hide his parts, however, on the contrary he displays them as a badge of honor, seeing as how they are his crown achievement. Those oddities are his grafts.

While some deities are born to their statues as a god Raze was not among them. Born a human and raised as such, he began to study wizardry and became a necromancer. Even at the earliest stages of his magical education Raze had a fascination with the undead and aberrations. One practice of the aberrant that enraptured him was the art of grafting. This path of magic and flesh would eventually lead him to become a being of true power. Gaining power and renown by traveling with a group of companions, he eventually seperated from the group and went to seek his own goals. Using his necromantic magic he had control over necrotic cysts which could be implanted in living creatures and then used to gain permanent control of them. He began to gain control of all manner of creatures and used them to move against others who practiced magic. Raze searched for a type of particular group of researchers called fleshwarpers. Fleshwarpers created and researched grafts, which Raze was determined to obtain. He found and gained control of many powerful fleshwarpers and forced them to create for him powerful grafts. By the end of his campaign of new flesh Raze's entire body was made of an assortment of different creatures. Fiends, fey, celestials, and dragons, all can be found in Raze's body and many others.

With his bodily and magical might Raze sought out a demigod. In an epic battle Raze slew the demigod and absorbed its divine essence. Now he plots for his continued divine ascension.


The undead hold many powers and advantages, but if these can be gained in life then you have done what the dead could not. If your flesh is weak then cut it off and replace it with something stronger. Use magic to augment your flesh and conquer those who are stupid enough to not do so. Fight with your new tools and climb your way to the top, and don't stop until you reach the mountain's summit, do not stop until you meet Me! Then we will fight and see whos flesh and whos magic is stronger!
—Raze, Lord of Warped Flesh

Raze actively teaches his followers to fight to see who is the better, and if they can, to one day fight him for his title. Apart from his all-dominating mentality, Raze teaches that laughter is a key to life. Learn to laugh lest the darkness take you and destroy you is one teaching of Raze. If you can laugh at something then you can conquer it. One of Raze's titles is The Laughing Lord and any recorded appearance of Raze has always noted his relaxed and light-hearted attitude. Some have even noted that he joked with those he appeared to.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Laughing Lord's clergy try to reflect him in their own personal way. No two clerics of Raze are the same and the same can be said for his temples. Temples dedicated to him can be anywhere and look like anything. One uniting thing of his church is The Ritual of Warped Flesh. It is an initiation of a priest or priestess in which a graft is attached to his or her body. All priests of Raze must have a skin graft of some kind, which cannot be an undead graft such is anathema to the church of Raze. This certain aversion can create conflict with people like Pale Masters, who must take an undead graft as they progress in power.


Raze belongs to no pantheon. (He can be added to any pantheon if desired)

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