Greater Ring of Beast Binding (3.5e Equipment)

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A mighty ring the color of spilled oil; it glistens and shifts, changing color slowly enough the eye can follow, gradually enough that it is still befuddled. It grants the wearer something man has always sought since he parted from beast centuries ago: forceful, mighty dominion.

  • costs 120 platinum
  • Any creature half your level or less can be snared as a familiar with a roll above its intelligence with your own.
  • You can simultaneously capture any number of creatures equal to half your intelligence modifier as long as they are within sight range.
  • Snared familiars remain loyal until the end of your next turn; spellcasters of level 20 or higher can however bind them permanently, after four days of concentration during which the beast can free itself with an even numbered roll on a d20. When freed it can still be bound, but must be reduced to 1hp first.
  • After snaring, your intelligence score is reduced to half until you take an extended rest.
  • But those who are bound, only a deep hatred foster for those who hold their leash. When their loyalty ends, the check to bind doubles, and for another day they cannot be bound. Additionally, the creature gains combat advantage against you, and your attacks deal half their ordinary damage against it.

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