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Pandlechron Graveyard[edit]

Here lies the names of PCs whom have not survived the dangerous world of Pandlechron. You can post any PCs you have lost in Pandlechron and their story here.

Aron Underhill[edit]

2nd level

A Halfling ranger, Aron was the first character to meet his fate. He lead the group through dangerous forests in order to get help against a stone giant occupation of their home town. At a rickety bridge near the end of the forest journey, some giant bees had built a nest of on the far side. The group ran across, but the bridge snapped as he and his donkey Mugs were on their way across. Sapped of strength from giant bee stings, Aron tried to tie a rope thrown to him to both him and the donkey. Unfortunately he only managed to secure the donkey before the bridge snapped sending him plummeting to his death in the cavern below.

Blaster Mage[edit]

(I don't remember his name)

3rd level

A Human wizard / warmage, this blaster could dish out a lot of evocation spells with a strong punch. During a journey through underground caverns, the mage and his group were captured by a Beholder and forced to fight a Minotaur and a Troll. The Minotuar was made quick work of, but the Troll proved to be far more difficult. In an act of bravery, he ran into the Troll's reach and blasted it with fire, hoping his group could finish it off. The Troll being weak to fire attacked him and clawed him in two.


4th level

A Human duskblade, Nohan had undertook a great mission along with the Blaster Mage and Trogden to destroy a demonic artifact. During their adventures, they lost the mage to a Troll, but continued with their journey. Through travels within the jungles, they encountered a Psitigris Griffon with Paladin levels. He demanded to examine the rock, but it managed to take over his body turning him into a Half-Fiend. The battle was difficult, and Nohan did most of the damage to the creature itself with several channeled strikes. A Poison spell taking 5 constitution plus some powerful bite attacks killed her however.


5th level

A Dwarf dragon shaman, Trogden fought many battles with both bravery and valor. He would defend the weak during battles and take on challenges far beyond his level of skill in the vain attempt that he might succeed and make the world a better place. Many times he somehow manged to survive. He met his match alongside Nohan, however, when he tried to run in to stabilize Nohan's wounds. A defender to the very end, Trogden is a great hero among dwarves.

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