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Golden Goose[edit]

Small celestial, lawful good

Armor Class 16 (natural armor)
Hit Points 60 (8d8 + 9)
Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft.

10 (+0) 15 (+2) 20 (+5) 14 (+2) 12 (+1) 18 (+4)

Damage Resistances cold, fire, poison
Damage Immunities necrotic, radiant
Condition Immunities charmed, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, stunned
Senses truesight 60 ft., passive Perception 11
Languages Celestial, telepathy 60 ft.
Challenge 9 (5,000 XP)

Innate Spellcasting. The goose's innate spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 16, +8 to hit with spell attacks). The goose can innately cast the following spells, requiring only verbal components:

At will: prestidigitation, fire bolt, mage hand, charm person, identify, light (self only), feather fall
3/day each: calm emotions, animal friendship, bless, purify food and drink, create food and water, clairvoyance, remove curse, dispel magic
1/day each: control water OR stone shape, geas, greater restoration, mass cure wounds, legend lore, heal

Magic Resistance. The goose has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Blessed Offense. Creatures that are of an evil alignment take 3d6 radiant damage in addition to normal damage when hit with any of the goose's melee weapon attacks. This damage cannot be healed unless the goose is killed or allows it to heal. The goose may choose not to apply this damage. In addition, any creatures that normally have resistance to piercing damage do not have resistance to damage from the goose's melee weapon attacks. Creatures that are immune to piercing damage are instead resistant to it.

Change Size. The goose can cast Enlarge/Reduce on itself at will without requiring concentration. When it does so, the duration of the spell is instantaneous and its size doesn't revert, becoming the actual size of the creature even if it dies. The goose can become as small as a Tiny creature (which can fit in a pocket) and as big as a Large creature (which is taller than a human while sitting down) using this ability.

Chain Game. The goose cannot cast magic while bound in golden bindings, regardless of if they are pure gold or gold plated, and will not age or need sustenance while bound with them. However, the bindings will also degrade over time regardless of any magical properties built to counter degradation. Every week a goose is bound in a set of golden bindings of any kind, roll a d10. The result of the roll is the percent of how degraded the bindings are. For every 10% of degradation caused by this effect, the DC to escape the bindings is lowered by 10% (minimum 0). If that degradation reaches 85%, the bindings crumble into rusted dust if made from pure gold, and if not, they no longer have any gold left on them, which ends the effects.


Multiattack. The goose makes two attacks, one with its bill and one with its talons.

Bill. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 8 (1d4 + 6) piercing damage. This is a magic weapon attack.

Talons. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 13 (2d6 + 6) piercing damage. If this hits, the golden goose may attempt to grapple the target. A grappled target may not take other actions except for attempting to end the grapple. The goose cannot take other actions than ending the grapple or shoving the target when grappling a target. This is a magic weapon attack.

Lay Egg (5/Day). The goose lays a golden egg worth 10 gp. An egg can be cracked open to activate one of its magical effects. The goose can control which effect happens, but if cracked more than 5 miles away from the goose that laid it, or after 10 minutes of it existing, the egg contains nothing. If the goose is not deciding the effect, it is determined randomly. The goose can cause the closest creature to the egg to take 3D10 or 1D10 force damage from an arcane explosion, release a harmless purple cloud of smoke shaped like a face (That dissipates before anything else can happen), cause the closest creature to the egg to heal 2D4 + 2 or 4D4 + 4 hit points, or be cured of all diseases and poisons, including magical ones and curses.

The bird of many a tale and heist. Many people treasure the rare and elusive golden goose. There is a classic and well known tale of a cloud giant that held one hostage for many years, using the eggs it laid to make himself rich, until a brave and foolish human stole the goose away from its tyrannical ruler to make amends with a mistake he had made that cost his family the last money they had. The goose was seemingly so grateful that it used those very same eggs to bring the family of this young adult out of its poor and lesser heritage into fame and fortune the likes of which none of them had ever seen. The goose is a symbol of nobility therefore, and commonly associated with impossible odds, thankfulness, and courage. This is in spite of the fact that most of them are laughably fearful and shy.

Wish Granter. Many rumors have spread about this creature over the millennia, including the obvious one of having the ability to grant wishes. This is actually false, though it may use such rumors to its advantage, and being an intelligent creature with magic and spellcasting, some may be seekers of that elusive power, though none known have found it, and none naturally have it.

Beasts of the Upper Planes. These creatures are native to the upper planes, and rely on its positive energies. An egg from these creatures will hatch if left for a century on any upper plane. It is well known by creatures of these planes that if the planes fell to evil or chaotic nature, the species could very well go extinct. It is considered taboo to harass any golden goose on these planes, and any goose that lives here permanently tends to become more vain and prideful. Contrast with the humble and peaceful creatures of the race that call the material plane their home. No goose would dare risk staying in any lower plane.

A Life of Emotion. A golden goose's age and livelihood are both directly related to its emotions and memories. A happy and content specimen can live virtually forever, but a miserable or spiteful one might not outlive a human born at the same time as it. However, this is assuming that it stays so miserable, as a goose can seemingly get younger after an amazing enough experience. However, one terrifying prospect for them is the ability for golden chains to have a profound effect on them. A goose will not age if placed in golden chains, regardless of how miserable they might be. Particularly nasty souls might abuse this fact to keep them trapped for eternity. The only solace in this is that this also slowly degrades the chains, as the goose absorbs the gold over time, leaving either the metal underneath, or nothing if the chains were made of pure gold. This often means that a clever goose held by a particularly unobservant captor may have multiple chances to escape such tyranny, but as the chains lose their gold, the goose can start to age once again. No one is sure how the process works, but wizards have noted the absorption of the gold to be an uncontrolled, unnatural magic process that is extremely uncomfortable, hence why none ever abuse the process on their own.

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