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Mazakeen Gods[edit]

The Mazakeen only have one known and likely God.

The Golden Frog[edit]

  • Portfolio: Sun, War, Death, Sickness, Health, Drough, Fire, Law, Jungle, Frogs..
Know as the Golden Frog to Lizards..
He is an proxy of outsider race, Frogmen
in so being he became a God.
There is a possibility ,
the Frog god is actually the God of the frogmen that left his race.
Which can explain why he favours reptilian lifeforms.
Represents the deadly Sun of Deserts and tropics.
The only life giving land he accepts are steaming hot jungles.
He is also the god of all dangerous aspects of light, fire and the Sun.
The Golden Frog appears like a huge obease gold skinned frog
with thiny arms.
The Solar God set him self up as the symbol of power, might and violence.
His prefered weapon and his personal symbol is
the fireball that he sends from the sky to discipline the living.
He fell in love with his sister, the Resplendent Mantis in their mothers womb
and for their incest she castrated him.:He hates all women and is a rival to the the Gentle Sun.

The Gods of Kored[edit]

Monotheists sees these gods as manifestations of Kored or

other Gods. :Followers of the state religions may see them as heretics.

Many polytheistic city or peasant cults still worship them.

The Golden Shield of Heaven[edit]

The Golden Shield is The Golden Frogs human avatar. The Golden Shield is The Golden Frogs human avatar. Experienced outsiders suspect the Golden Shield is false god meant to manipulate humanity. The golden shield is notoriously uggly. Others suspect he is indepentent creature or a totally human allied god.

His portfolio:Sun, War, Terror, Death, Sickness, Health, Drough, Fire, Law, Jungle, Reptiles


  • Portfolio: Humanity, domination, perfection.
  • Domains: Destiny, Evil, Law, Strength, War
Long ago, according to legend, Azuron was the first
man, created by the world itself.
No deity had a hand in his creation, because no deity could have conceived such a perfect creature.
Members of the other races trembled to see him, for they knew that he was their superior in every way.
His grace surpassed that of the elves, his
sturdiness astounded the dwarves, his crafts were the awe of gnomes and halflings everywhere.
Azuron is called "the true human god" and is :

considered the only god who places humans before all others.

He cares nothing for the other races,
only for humanity, and encourages his followers to prove
themselves better than any nonhuman.
Unfortunately, he also fosters the belief that humans deserve to rule the world,
treating other races as servants.
His priests teach that other races are inferior, in need of human guidance
-- and human masters.
Azuron appears as an incredibly handsome human male in his prime,
suffused with a golden glow.
Azuron encourages his followers and priests to become as perfect as possible,
and to dominate other races.


The god of courage, truth telling, dedication, honest engagement and genuine trust. To make it short he is the God of knights.


  • Titles The Black Lord,

the Black Hand, the Lord of Darkness

  • Portfolios: Hatred, Tyranny, Fear, Bureaucracy ,Justice
  • Domains :Destruction, Hatred, Pain, Law, Tyranny, Nobility, Planning

Titan (also known as the Black Hand and the Black Lord), is the


Lord of Murder

  • Title(s) Lord of Murder
  • Portfolio Murder, Murderers
  • Domains Death, Destruction, Evil, Retribution


  • Portfolio: lies, faith, deception, illusion, strife, intrigue
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Illusion

Omenous Bones[edit]

  • Portfolio: Burial, death, necromancy,curses, fates, fortune telling.
  • Domains: Time, Death, Necromancy

and Very unpopular among living becouse burial leads to hell but some mortals worship him out of fear or even hopes in special treatment! Mostly worshipped by necromancers who wants immortality and he is very popular with the undead who has nothing to worry about.


The father of the Tree Solar Gods. God of the sky and of clouds.

Excellence of Thausand Skies[edit]

porfolio: Earth, Fertility, Elementals. She is Mother Earth, The Goddess of Mauntain, the goddess of the Elements, Mother Goddess, Earth Goddess- She is the Mother of the Suns. Embodiment of the Mauntain with the same name where heaven on Earth has portal to heaven, and where gods gods dwell. Thausand Skies has no sentient worshippers.

Universal Gods[edit]

These gods are at least globally know and their cults appears randomly everywhere to some degree.


  • Title: The Auspicious Rectitude

The godess of schoolars.

Ghostly Winter Fire[edit]

The god of frost and snow. Born when the firegod was murdered by his own father. Patron of outsiders and richmen.

Celebrating Grasshopper[edit]

The god of Song,dance and guarderning. The one of most benign and harmless of the gods, but probably not sentient.

The Eastern Pantheon.[edit]

These Gods graviate to the East ,becouse these gods have ties to the Red Shogunate and Mazakeen and Kared are to insular. Just most Koredites follow monotheism, atheism reduce the number of their cults in the Shogunate but their influence is strong in many smaller territories. Most people in the far eastern lands of Kara-Tur follow one of the two philosophical religions called "The Path of Enlightenment" and "The Way Of The Universe".

Celestial Bureaucracy[edit]

In the island kingdom of Kozakura the worship of a large number of spirits collectively called "The Eight Million Gods" is predominant. The people of Shou Lung believe in the Celestial Bureaucracy headed by the

Celestial Emperor[23][24]

who is served by the Nine Immortals:

Kwan Ying
Goddess of compassion, mercy, joy[23][24]
Chan Cheng
God of war, the martial arts, combat, bravery[23]
Ch'en Hsiang
God of poetry, music, literature[23]
Chih Shih
God of history, lore, tradition[23]
Ai Ch'hing
Goddess of love, marriage[23]
Fa Kuan
God of justice[23]
Hsing Yong
God of fortune, prosperity[23]
Shi Chia
God of artificers, the arts[23]
They in turn are aided by the Lesser Immortals, namely Jade Ladies, Rice Spirits, Moon Women, Spirit Warriors, Ladies of Compassion, the Lords of Karma and the Sages.
Mad Monkey is a demideity of mischief who sometimes helps and sometimes hinders the Celestial Bureaucracy.[25]

The Fatefull Forge[edit]

The deformed and uggly orc god of smiths. The smithgod is patron of wisdom and madness. He is the god of future and the changer of all things. He is the metamorphosis of all things and everthing that is twisted and deformed. He is paradoxal and sceptical, opposed to tradition and the embodiment of crudeness. No other races have discovered the smith god. The Smith dislikes the elfs.

Ancestors Of A Thausand Beautifull Children[edit]

One man and one woman. The Partons and creators of the Red Shogunate for aiding the human race they where cursed with blindess so that they would not be able to watch over their children. The Blind Ancestors powers the samurai and the Shogun.

The Gentle Sun[edit]

She has many names,Summer Promise, Autum Hope or Gentle Sun.

The gentle sun, is the godess of the sun in mild climates. In tropical or arid lands with lethal sun she is the Godess of Twilight.

She is the Polar Opposite of the Sun god she is meek and life sustaining. She usually retreats from the sky behind clouds in horror of the violence on Teoryran.

Even though she is meek, she is also a hunter with compassion and respect for the animals she slay.

Orcs usually favor her instead of The Eye of The Greedy Coin even in desert lands. .

Trashing Stinger[edit]

  • Portfolio Orcs, strength, conflagrations, earthquakes, vortices,fire, thunder,
  • Domains Cavern,Darkness Chaos, Evil, Rage, Strength, War.

The Dark God is the god of thunder and beast slayers. He is the strongest of the Gods and the body guard of the Sun Godess who hides the sun itself around a black shield. The parton of stone and pottery and a rival wargod to the Sun God. The dark

He wears the form of a scorpion whos sting is the thunder. Earth quake is when he burrows! He rules over earth quakes, the underworld and over war and storms. He rules over night skies and dark clouds. He is also the Prince of all Hells.

Resplendent Mantis[edit]

The Resplendent Mantis is the moon godess. She is the parton of women and animals. Savage, gentle and lethal. It is said that she would exterminate all life if she came to close to Earth for she is one sun to many. This is the source of her rage and only her skyness saves Teoryran. She is the twin of the solar godess and the sibling of the male Warlike Sun God and its said that she castrated her brother in their womb!

The Skaven Gods Pantheon[edit]

The creators of the Ratkin and gods of the Skaven families.

Overwhelming Bursting Rich Phoenix of Spendors Phantheon[edit]

The Pantheon self-procreating Pheonixes. One for each element.

Storming Phoenix of Indigo Depths[edit]

God of seas, piracy and fishery. Hates the Trashing Stinger.

The Staropal Dragon Nests Pantheon[edit]

The Dragon Gods.

Lusting Dragon of Ruby Red Skin[edit]

Patron god of beauty. Is a huge dragon.

Has the shape of a birdlike indigo dragon.

The Sword Dragon[edit]

The Dragon command pure spirit with no consideration to the material. As such it preach rebellion against all materially connected spirits, gods and religions. Death is seen as the source of all good and martyrdom the path to pure spiritual form.

The Dragon created mankind from his blood and from his fire came the original sin that all humans are born with. Worship to him demand weekly drinking of human blood. He was a minor God of War and Peace who fell from grace after his rebellion in Heaven. He commands that the enemy is guilty of a rightious war and still command the eternal repentance for the sin of fighting in neccessary wars. Words of the Dragon-If you live by the sword you die by the sword!

On Earth he walked as a prophet preaching absolute pacifism but was crucified on a sword by Human King who was blided by evil- When he was cruxified on the sword he ressurected as pure spirit and promised to take with him all his followers to the true heaven if they destroyed the world. Ressurected he breathed the fire of faith to his Apostles, granting them spells making them paladins and clerics. The sword the dragon was cruxified on become purified of his blood and passed along his followers as the sign of the true King for all true believers. Only in the destuction of the world can the Dragon return!

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