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Some gods are monsters. The Phoenixes and Dragons have their own Pantheons. These are examples.

Celebrating Grasshopper[edit]

The god of Song,dance and guarderning. The one of most benign and harmless of the gods, but probably not sentient.

Trashing Stinger[edit]

  • Portfolio Orcs, strength, conflagrations, earthquakes, vortices,fire, thunder,
  • Domains Cavern,Darkness Chaos, Evil, Rage, Strength, War.

The Dark God is the god of thunder and beast slayers. He is the strongest of the Gods and the body guard of the Sun Godess who hides the sun itself around a black shield. The parton of stone and pottery and a rival wargod to the Sun God.

He wears the form of a scorpion whos sting is the thunder. Earth quake is when he burrows! He rules over earth quakes, the underworld and over war and storms. He rules over night skies and dark clouds. He is also the Prince of all Hells.

Resplendent Mantis[edit]

The Resplendent Mantis is the moon godess. She is the parton of women and animals. Savage, gentle and lethal. It is said that she would exterminate all life if she came to close to Earth for she is one sun to many. This is the source of her rage and only her skyness saves Teoryran. She is the twin of the solar godess and the sibling of the male Warlike Sun God and its said that she castrated her brother in their womb!

The Skaven Gods Pantheon[edit]

The creators of the Ratkin and gods of the Skaven families.

Overwhelming Bursting Rich Phoenix of Spendors Phantheon[edit]

The Pantheon self-procreating Pheonixes. One for each element.

Storming Phoenix of Indigo Depths[edit]

God of seas, piracy and fishery. Hates the Trashing Stinger.

The Staropal Dragon Nests Pantheon[edit]

The Dragon Gods.

Lusting Dragon of Ruby Red Skin[edit]

Patron god of beauty. Is a huge dragon. Has the shape of a birdlike indigo dragon.

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