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Major Gods[edit]


Technically the golden God in a monotheistic one-god pantheon that holds the destiny of in his iron firsts and honor his children with his gaze. The reality is more complicated. The god of man, Zarus embodies the human evolution but he also cancelled the human evolution when monstrous gods tried to exterminate humanity. Zarus is a progenitor from his own blood and flesh of mankind as well as an artificial creator of the same race. His personality is extremely perfectionist, overly critical, requireous without compromise and dominant so he is both a very physical and mental deity with huge superiority complex. Zarus wants the race to confirm superiority by exterminating other life forms, depleting their resources and moving on to the next area. He is the personification of perfection, humanity and conquest.

  • Dogma:

Zarus teach humanism, honor, the supremacy of Mankind. He teach that man should create great civilizations and do everything it can to reach its full potential. His human followers teach totally different things but anyone that is inspired by Zarus gains spells from him. Zarus followers believe in the subjugation of the human species to Zarus. Zarus is the only god that cares about this and even try to control what his followers believe because of his close relationship to humanity.

  • Religion:

Humanity have in its quests to reach its potential or in their incapability to reach up to Zarus ideals from different religions that gains spells from Zarus. Only humans have this connection to Zarus for Zarus embody all of mankind and have power over all human religion. In Ancient Times, pure worship of Zarus was common and mankind was a strong and advanced race. Since the Ancient Empire, Zarus has been the one monotheistic deity of humanity but his name and old teachings has been forgotten. Only a few theologians and power mongers know the true name and identity of their god and try to cleans the heretics.

  • Saints of Zarus:

The old gods from the Greek times masquerades as Saints of Zarus to successfully siphon faith from Zarus like parasites. Zarus does not have sufficiently with contact with humanity nor time to root them out. One of the most popular Saints are Korad who is an alias for Zarus.


Gog’rän is the opposite and the anti-force of Zarus, Gog’rän is the God of Weakness, Inferiority , Ignorance, Paradoxes, Self-Destruction, Altruism, Morality, Fanaticism, Barbarism ,Blind Faith, Monotheism, Desperation and Love.

  • Divinity Rating: 21.
  • Description

Gog’rän is the God that turn the slightest and most moderate form of religious faith and who even turn the religious priest who also believe in knowledge and who turn the love seeking pacifist into totalitarian and barbaric mass madness. Gog’rän is genocide in the name of love, peace and good. Gog’rän is a moral objectivist butt who teach that should be good is evil and what should be evil is the universal good because only GOD( Gog’rän) can decide that. Gog’rän is making humanity stupid, he teach that all are equal and equally stupid and incapable of thinking for themselves. Only Gog’rän can make laws and can decide what humanity thinks and feel. Man is the fault for its own misery and the superior, the strong and the wealthy must be tortured, converted and killed and then burned to ash in the name of love. Gog’rän seeks the destruction of__ and encourages rebellions against every man-made government or artifice. The God forbids all acknowledgement, compromise and adjustment to the time and space causality of the universe or realism because that is not faith and lead to the idea of a godless universe. Gog’rän is the worship of weakness, while loving the desperate, he creates poverty ,misery and ignorance because all desperate believe in Gog’rän by one name or another. Gog’rän is the compassion and altruism that is a disease and a weakness that turns believers into human viruses.

  • History and Dogma.

Long ago Cyric the prince of lies and deception invented the lie of monotheism. The Godling was successfully making humanity and Zarus believe that Zarus was the only true god and then because Cyric was a god Cyric pretended to be BE ZARUS. Zarus was thrown down from his golden thrown, in his palace the achievements of the human race where no longer adoring the halls and thousands of imposter Gods pretending to be Saints, Angels or even Zarus himself had won, chaos had won. While Cyric personifies deception and thus religion, Gog’rän personify the specific religious lies, the specific ignorance , the fanaticism and barbarism of one type of religion, monotheism. Gog’rän is the extinction of the human vitality and human will, the death of every intellectual and artistic progress both religiously and profane. Gog’rän is the true and pure faith that requires the total annihilation of all life and all material planes, because life forms procreate through promiscuity death and life in itself is the original sin that leads to death and suffering. The universe is amoral and nihilistic therefore it has to be destroyed. Only the true believers of true religion and only their souls will be saved and purified of their blasphemous intellects, sinful memories and upstart personalities. Gog’rän teach that Life is a test of torture of all the existing life because Gog’ran show his love by torturing and testing mankind. The purpose of the test is to select everyone that reacts to the universe with fanaticism, barbarism and other virtues Gog’rän. Those that react with reason by adjusting to the evil reality just because they trust their senses and just because those poor souls thinks everything that matters is material things, they are cold to faith and will be destroyed. Only those that that reject their senses, reject their intellect, reject worldly property , reject the body and choice intuition and blind faith without fear of death and by free choice they will be saved. Only by the destruction of the sinful can LOVE be real and love can only be true by unifying and absorbing all souls into one. Everything that reject this perfect and true love is hatred and thus evil. The truth of the matter is Gog’ran is wrong he would only destroy himself and taking existence with him but he is to chaotic and paradoxical to understand it. Monotheism is the one true religion, the perfection of all religious energies, it is a black hole of all the divine that captures all meaning and existence with the invisible arms of its gravity and devouring itself in the circle of universal suicide without beginning and end. There are no spiritual plane in the universe, Gog’rans followers are given deformed and artificial souls when they die turning into terrible undead collected in a very big and most terrible prison. Gog’rän is a disgusting cancer that suddenly heals and strengthen instead of harming just to prolong the suffering of the existing creatures. When the first human achieved sentience he projected all his desire and hunger for virtue and meaning on the Gods and so misunderstanding the deities as perfect beings that guide and influence him to become as the Gods. Logically man could only understand he was weak and imperfect, he could never fulfill the demands of his Gods because reality was filled with what he believed was evil and other things he could not understand. This angst and despair was the first religion. It wasn’t until the creation of monotheism that this universal energy of despair and ignorance was perfected and all the millennium of religion was incarnated as Gog’rän.


Zarus took the form of Korad to lead humanity for 25 centuries pretending to be different descendants with the same name. Korad became worshiped as a god and unfortunately a god that rivals Zarus himself.

  • Dogma:

Korad must have been a god so he could grant absolution for the racial sins. Those that says that Korad was a saint are evil for they reduce the savior of humanity to a mere mortal and therefore refuse his worship

  • Religion

The followers siphon spells from many gods that are conceptually similar to Korad. .

Minor Gods[edit]

Saints, heretics or imposer these gods are for some reason minor.


Titan is possible a relative to Zarus. Titan is a grim, joyless serious god who claims to be very ancient. He favors no defined religion over any other, as long as there is tyranny, hatred and cravings for justice and war, Titan grows strong as a natural force. The tyrants of old was his divine champions and demigod offspring. Titan considers to create his own race from humanity but otherwise his only involvement in humanity is as an natural law. Titan makes good intention turn into bad consequences for he is the slippery slope that makes all innocent needs for control or need for organized thought, over ones environment turn into absolute totalitarianism and might makes right, As long as there is Titan all justice will be tyranny in the name of greater good and as long as there has been humans there have been Titan. Zarus rejects the absolute sense of order that Titan represents and prefer more dynamic order that allows some ambivalence. Titan represents order beyond order and judgement by Tyrants without laws because laws protect the citizens against Titans might.

  • Dogma:

Where law ends, Tyranny begins

  • Titles: The Dracon, The Black Lord,

the Black Hand, the Lord of Darkness

  • Portfolios: Hatred, Tyranny, Fear, Bureaucracy ,Justice
  • Domains :Destruction, Hatred, Pain, Law, Tyranny, Nobility, Planning

Titan (also known as the Black Hand and the Black Lord).


Lord of Murder

  • Title(s) Lord of Murder
  • Portfolio Murder, Murderers
  • Domains Death, Destruction, Evil, Retribution


Cyric is the usurper god. Because he is the god of lies he is a imposter who claim to the one monotheistic god as long humanity is ignorant about their own deity, Cyric grows strong.

  • Portfolio: lies, faith, deception, illusion, strife, intrigue
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Illusion

The Sword Dragon[edit]

The Dragon command pure spirit with no consideration to the material. As such it preach rebellion against all materially connected spirits, gods and religions. Death is seen as the source of all good and martyrdom the path to pure spiritual form.

  • Dogmas:

The Dragon created mankind from his blood and from his fire came the original sin that all humans are born with. Worship to him demand weekly drinking of human blood. He was a minor God of War and Peace who fell from grace after his rebellion in Heaven. He commands that the enemy is guilty of a righteous war and still command the eternal repentance for the sin of fighting in necessary wars. Words of the Dragon-If you live by the sword you die by the sword! On Earth he walked as a prophet preaching absolute pacifism but was crucified on a sword by Human King who was blinded by evil- When he was crucified on the sword he resurrected as pure spirit and promised to take with him all his followers to the true heaven if they destroyed the world. Resurrected he breathed the fire of faith to his Apostles, granting them spells making them paladins and clerics. The sword the dragon was crucified on become purified of his blood and passed along his followers as the sign of the true King for all true believers. Only in the destruction of the world can the Dragon return!

Exterminated Gods[edit]

The Golden Shield, was a false god manipulated by a Froglike outsider. Zarus have exterminated the threat and the Golden Shield now is aspect of Zarus. The meaning of the name the The Golden Shield is now forgotten and only used as a title.

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Animist atheist. A religion which claims all material things are alive and have spirits. The universe is consequential and through self-extermination the follower become a part of collective universe.

humanism an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanist beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.

Self-Extermination. Synonym :Reincarnationist Atheist A religion which claims that identity is evil and opposed to the intellect. Extermination of the self is necessary to achieve the religions goals.

Reincarnationist Atheism A religion which claims that reincarnation is evil and that life is evil. Purifying yourself from desire and by the extermination of the self. the follower gradually stops reincarnating and dissolve into the universe. Reincarnationist do not believe in the soul, instead it is a tabula rasa of the person that incarnates. Only a persons destiny pass on to the next life. Bad things happens to bad people and injustices will be corrected after death.

Apparition cults A syncretism religion that do not believe gods exists but worship gods as apparitions of reborn spiritual leaders and flashes of enlightenment.

Death Cults A religion which believe that life is evil and the purpose of life is to prepare the follower for the afterlife. Bad things happens to bad people and injustices will be corrected after death.

Life Cults A religion which believe that death is evil and that preparation for the afterlife is not important. Bad things happens to bad people and injustices will be corrected during life.

Monotheism Belief in one God. Polytheism Belief in many gods

Henotheism A theism that do not recognize singular or plural form. Theism is the belief that gods are the cause of the universe and that the Gods are present in the universe. The philosophy is bound to languages without singular or plural verbs, and cultures that have not discovered simple mathematics.

Nihilism A philosophy which; 1 believe in an objective, meaningless and non-sentient universe. 2 believe in #rationalism ,objectivity and #stoicism while stressing the categorical invalidity of sentient though, moral relativism love, belief, order, religion, freedom, life, art and moral values. 3. rejects the validity of N as a moral philosophy. 4.reject all attempts to create moral relativism or seek subjectivism in a nihilistic universe and reinforce the invalidity of thought. 5. in practice leans toward consequence ethics.

Stoicism The philosophy or religion which believe that beings are not capable of experiencing suffering that they are not capable of handling. The universe is rational, predictable, consequential and controlled by natural forces. Ethics can only be based on observing human needs and suffering.

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