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God's Hand: Unlike most Noble Phantasms, God Hand is not a weapon. Reputedly worn by the son of a thunder god, God Hand is a suit of magic armor of unequaled craftsmanship, gifted for its original owner in honor of the twelve great tasks he performed as penance for the brutal murder of his own family. His immense willpower is said to still inhabit the armor.

God Hand is a weightless +4 Ghost Touch Retaliation Heavy Fortification set of armor made of an unknown substance which also renders its wearer immune to poison, granting a base armor bonus of +10 (+14 with its enhancement), no dexterity penalty or armor check penalty. God Hand is entirely invisible (only detectable by True Seeing) and it molds itself to the wearer’s form, making it appear as if he was wearing nothing other than the clothing underneath the armor (or no clothing, in some cases), and even if the wearer is touched, it will only feel as if he has toughened flesh, rather than some form of armor. Once donned, it cannot be taken off by any means. No other armor, gloves, gauntlets, or cloaks may be worn while God Hand is equipped. If its owner is killed, God Hand disappears, to manifest itself once more when another worthy hero comes forth into the world. It grants the wearer damage reduction equal to his hit dice, capped at 20, surpassable only by Epic weaponry. Finally, it doubles the wearer’s hit points. God Hand has the following special abiltiies:

Conqueror of Antaeus: The wearer of God Hand is gifted with immense strength and durability, reminiscent of the power that enabled its original owner to overcome Antaeus, son of Mother Earth, a man invincible as long as his feet touched the ground. Once per day, the wearer of God Hand may spend a swift action to gain the benefits of the Improved Grapple feat, be treated as Huge for the purpose of grappling, and may make melee attacks while maintaining a grapple at no penalty. Further, he may maintain a grapple with one arm, and may act normally with his other hand. He may also make an additional Strength check against his opponent at a -10 penalty. If it succeeds, then he may move as normal, carrying the grappled creature along with him. A creature so carried is unable to move, and must spend a full-round action each round attempting to escape the grapple. If it is unable to do so over the course of ten rounds, it dies as a result of being crushed by the wearer’s strength of arm.

Madness of the Beast: A number of times per month equal to half their character level, the wearer of God Hand may spend a full-round action to voluntarily allow themselves to be overcome with a torrent of rage and hatred. In exchange for their sanity, the wearer’s Strength and Constitution scores double and they are treated as having non-applicable mental scores, effectively rendering them immune to mind-affecting abilities. The only thing on their mind is fighting, and so they treat all creatures as hostile. In the event no more creatures are present, the wearer will attempt to seek out beings to kill, attempting to destroy anything in their path on the way, including objects. They feel no pain whatsoever, and will fight no matter how injured they become, even if they enter negative hit points. The wearer is immune to death effects, paralysis, stunning, dazing, entanglement, being knocked back, fatigue, and exhaustion, as well as death from massive damage. This ability lasts for a number of minutes equal to one-quarter the character’s level and cannot be dispelled or negated by any means.

Twelve Labors, Twelve Lives: The greatest power of God Hand is that its wearer is gifted with additional chances at life. Twelve times, and twelve times only, when the wearer of God Hand would be killed, the will power and anger of the legendary hero causes him to rise again, restored to full health and free of all ill-effects. This ability will bring the wearer back from any injury, even if his physical form is separated, turned to matter other than flesh, turned to ash, even annihilated. He cannot be permanently killed by any means unless he has been affected by this ability twelve times, and then finally slain a thirteenth time.

Strong conjuration;CL Can only be granted by mass power, not created; Cannot be created; Weight: 0 lb.

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