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Gleaming Fist School (Yáng Quán Xuéyuàn 光拳學校)[edit]

The Gleaming Fist School was established by Master Guāng of the Shattering Wind School. In his journies, Master Guāng came across a tribe of light shamans. From them, he learned how to manipulate the light around him. He combined this with his martial art style, and created the Gleaming Fist School.

The Gleaming Fist practitioner uses the light around him daze enemies, to enhance the speed of their attacks, and to deal blows that at a rapid pace.

1st-Level Ability: Three Pronged Strike.

1st-Level Feat: Weapon Finesse.

2nd-Level Feat: Flare.

6th-Level Feat: Gleaming Palm.

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Light Speed.

12th-Level Bonus Ability: Shimmer Palm.

Prerequisites: Any nonevil.


Three-Pronged Strike (Ex)

The monk focuses his energy into one attack. The monk hits with three strikes in one attack. In a turn, you can replace any one of your attacks with the three pronged strike at a -4 penalty to your attack roll for that attack.

The first attack deals one-half of your regular unarmed attack damage, rounded down. The second and third attacks deals regular unarmed attack damage.

If flanking an opponent, the strike is delivered to the target's vital spot. The target may make a Fortitude save vs Paralysis after the third strike. (DC=10+3rd strike damage) If the saving throw fails, the target is paralyzed for 1d4 rounds.

Shimmer Palm (Su) You fist palm a blast medium ranged, 10-ft.-radius spread area with silver gold light. Any one in the light takes 1d6 point of damage per monk level.Aberrations and Undead take 1d8 points of damage per monk level. You may only use this move equal to your Wis Mod per day.

Light Speed (Su)

Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, WIS 13+, and DEX 15+.

This action is a Standard action. In one swift movement, the monk uses the energy of light to travel at the speed of light to any point that is not enclosed. The allowed distance is the monk's base move speed (in ft) multiplied by 5. The monk cannot Light Speed into a square that is currently occupied by another creature. Light Speeding does not provoke an attack of opportunity.



The Gleaming Fist practitioner can make their body flash a blinding light. Any one 20ft distance of them that was looking at them must make a Fortitude[DC: 10 + Monk level] check or be blind for 1d4 turns.

Gleaming palm

As a full round attack, the monk can surround their arms with light and begins to hail a flurry of punches. You are able to attack 3 times your Constitution modifier this turn with punches. Your damage is halved on all punches, You take a -6 penalty on base attack bonus and can only use it up to your Wisdom modifier aday.

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