Glasya - Princess of Hell (2.5e Deity)

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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Devil
Home Plane: Hell's Third Plane
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Devils, Death
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil
Domains: Death
Favored Weapon: Shortsword of Venom +3


  • Frequency: Unique (Very Rare)
  • NO. Appearing: 1
  • Armor Class: -2
  • Movement: 15"/30"
  • Hit Dice: 69 hit points
  • % in Lair: 80%
  • Treasure Type: I,Q x5, S
  • NO. Of Attacks: 2
  • Damage/Attack: By weapon type +4
  • Special Attacks: See Below
  • Special Defenses: See Below
  • Magic Resistance: 60%
  • Intelligence: Exceptional
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Size: L (9' tall)
  • Xp Value: 20,000xp


As consort to Mammon, Glasya is one of the more powerful and influential of female devils. She does not normally engage in combat, but she has a short sword with a poisoned blade equal to a dagger of venom.

Glasya is the daughter of Asmodeus and incredibly beautiful. Her wings, forked tail, horns, and copper-colored skin betray her origins. She espouses the cleverness of finding loopholes in the hall to get what you want as well as quiet murders that leave your own hands clean

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples hidden in dungeons. Clergy wear black robes.

DM Notes/Deity Descriptions[edit]

As a 20th-level magi-user, Glasya can employ the following spell-like powers, 1 at a time, at will: animate dead, charm monster, charm person, dispel magic, illusion, know alignment, poison, polymorph self, produce flame, read languages, read magic, suggestion, teleportation, fulfill another's limited wish. Once per day Glasya can employ a finger of death. She causes fear by speaking to an individual (saving throw vs. spells applicable). She can summon 1-2 malebranche (70% chance of success). She regenerates 2 hit points every turn.

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