Giant Siberys Shard Falls from Heavens (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for 3 Zol, Therendor 999YK[edit]

Giant Siberys Shard Falls From Heavens

by Jhamezon Garret, Half-Orc Correspondant

The Hunt Begins for the Worlds Largest Dragonshard in the Wilds of Xen'Drik

STORMREACH -- Early this week a meteorite of unknown origin fell through the heavens and landed somewhere deep in the wilds of Xen'Drik. Several hunting parties and expeditions have begun to form in the hopes that they will be the first to arrive on the site. Speculations have this Siberys Dragonshard at being fortyfive to seventy feet in length and at least thirty feet in width.

The Morgrave University in Sharn has laid all claims on the farming of the shard, and have funded at least one of the expeditions. They hope to use whatever findings to help in funding several more expeditions in the exploration of the wilds and the recovery of ancient texts dealing with the rumors of an ancient Warforged leaving Stormreach several months ago in the company of a group of explorers.

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