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These crabs are as big as a horse. They live in underground lakes and attack everything that looks like prey. In rare cases, they are tamed by Drow to devour intruders in aquatic areas.


A character knows the following information with a successful nature check.

DC 15: These creatures are found in the underdark. They hunt for prey and can be tamed.

DC 20: A Giant Crab may be strong, but is easily distracted by food.

DC 25: A Giant Crab is cold-blooded and is weak to low temperatures.


Giant Crabs will sometimes team up with other predators, but only if they will benefit from this. If tamed, they will obey as long there is not a particular more interesting thing at the battlefield.

Encounter Examples

Level 5 Encounter (XP 1000)

Giant Crab[edit]

Giant Crab
Level 5 Brute
Large Natural Beast (Aquatic)
XP 200
HP 70; Bloodied 35 Initiative +6
AC 18; Fortitude 18, Reflex 16, Will 15 Perception +4
Speed 6; swim 8 Darkvision
Resist Fire 5
Vulnerable Cold 10
Standard Actions
Basicmelee.png Hack and Grab ♦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature) + 11 vs AC
Hit: 2d6+7 damage, and the creature is grabbed.
Skills Athletics +7
Str 21 (+7) Dex 14 (+4) Wis 12 (+3)
Con 17 (+5) Int 3 (-2) Cha 12 (+3)
Alignment Unaligned Languages -
Equipment -

A Giant Crab prefers to charge into melee and attack until it kills a foe. When that happens, it drags its prey away and starts eating. If they are tamed, they will stay until all foes are defeated.

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