Ghostly Hunt (4e Power)

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Ghostly Hunt Ghost Warrior Attack 19
You move like a ghost and tear into your enemies with each step, and retreat into the shadows
Daily Star.gif Shadow, Weapon, Wrathful School, Reliable
Standard Action Melee weapon
Prerequisite: You must be trained in athletics
Requirement: Must be wielding two light or heavy blades
Target: One, two or three creatures
Attack: Strength Vs. AC, Three attacks.
Hit: 2[W]+Strength Modifier (first attack main), 2[W[ + Dexterity modifier damage (second attack off-hand), and 1[W] + Constitution Modifier damage (third attack, main)
Effect: After the first and second attack, you can shift 1 square. After the third attack, you can shift 2 squares and make a stealth check to gain total concealment from your targets until the ends of their turn

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