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Gestalt Lore (Int, Trained Only)[edit]


You can use this skill to identify multiclass characters and monsters and their special powers or vulnerabilities. In general, the DC of such a check equals 10 + the monster’s HD* 1.5 (Rounded up). A successful check allows you to remember a bit of useful information about that monster.

For every 5 points by which your check result exceeds the DC, you recall another piece of useful information.

A Gestalt Character in a non-gestalt Campaign must have maximum ranks (level +3) in this skill to continue advancing as Gestalt Character.

You can also use this skill to research Gestalt characters themselves, locating anyone nearby with such ability. Doing so takes 1d4 rounds.

Gestalt Lore
Info DC
Determine if a Gestalt character has been in this location in the last week 15, -1 per Lvl of the target
Tell which way a Gestalt character you've found went 20
Tell if a person is hiding their gestalt abilities opposed bluff check
Determine the exact ratio of class levels a person has 20 + Character levels

Usually none or 1d4 rounds. In most cases, making a Gestalt Lore check doesn’t take an action—you simply know the answer or you don’t. Otherwise, you're searching the local area for any telltale signs and asking the locals if they saw anything odd.

Try Again[edit]

No and Yes. The check represents what you know, and thinking about a topic a second time doesn’t let you know something that you never learned in the first place. Searching again, however, may reveal clues you missed before.

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