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The world of Vanchilia is divided into 9 (nine) continents, each with its own unique characteristics. According to the legend, Aknomkanon faced an army of angels, and in order to defeat them channeled all its power through its fist, releasing in a surge of hatred with a strike that caused the earth to shatter and the continents to split. Among them, the central continent, bearing the same name as the world itself, stretches across thousands of miles. And, sitting on his throne of solitude, Aknomkanon resides, reigning supreme.

After "The Sundering", the event that split the continents occured, the other 8 (eight) continents were created. Amongst these, 6 (six) are inhabited with a plethora of cultures and kingdoms, while two are inhospitable wastelands, that endure harsh winters and unrelenting summers, barely graced with the rain.


This kingdom is ruled by the Lord of Domination Aknomkanon his rule began after slaying the God of Domination after which his thirst for global Domination was born. The Gods took his most prized possien and Now he's Aim to take all that the God's have ever created other kingdoms have built entire armies just to hold him at bay because they know that if he reached his full power it will spell the end for all man kind God's and Demons alike.


Is the second largest continent it has a army so strong that the earth quakes at their foot step it is ruled king Shormin who is strong as he is wise power is his main goal he shares similar ideals similar to Aknomkanon but uses the were going to have a war and the winner takes all his people love him and he believes that honoring the Gods is our single duty.


Is the third largest continent it has a rocky economy and is in the middle of a civil war, it is a nice place if your rich but if your poor you need to know how to be the best thief every because the poor don't have jobs they live in slums and barly make enough copper to get by, there are those who take care of the poor mostly those who are rich but many of the other wealthy hate this and have even took manners into there own hands and have killed many of those who are poor.

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