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The world of Suiko is divided in 5 general areas. Here you can find the known information of this world as it pertains to the series.

Northern Continent[edit]

Points of interest as of SY 475:

  • Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
  • The Grassland Clans
  • Zexen Confederacy
  • The Nameless Lands
  • Highland Kingdom
  • Dunan Republic
  • Tinto Republic
  • Toran Republic
  • Kanakan
  • Black Dragon Island

Island Nations[edit]

Gaien Dukedom[edit]

It is the largest island in the Kuknasi Sea. The island nation located on the western fringes of the Island Nations Federation and to the east of the Western Continent as well as to the north-west of the Falena Queendom in the Kuknasi Sea.

It is ruled as a ducal monarchy, Gaien has a royal family, and a king. However, the Gaien monarchy has very little influence and virtually no political power. All political power rests in the hands of the nobility, hence the honorific of dukedom being granted to the nation, rather than "kingdom", or other such monarchical honorific.

Island Nations Federation[edit]

Located in the Kuknasi Sea between the Northern and Southern Continents, lying eastwards of the Gaien Dukedom.

Points of interest in the Island Nation Federation inlcude:

  • Middleport
  • Razril
  • El-Eal
  • Obel
  • Nay Island
  • Iluya
  • Nest of Pirates
  • Small Islands
  • Lime Shelf Island
  • Mordo Island
  • Donut Island
  • Deserted Island
  • Mountain Mass Island
  • Nirva Island

Southern Continent[edit]

The Southern continent hosts the following nations as of SY 450:

  • Queendom of Falena
  • New Armes Kingdom
  • Nagarea Theocracy

Western Continent[edit]

Located to the far west of the Northern and Southern Continents past the Gaien Dukedom, the Western Continent is surrounded mainly by ocean.

Points of interest:

  • Zelant Kingdom- lies south east of the Western Continent, near the continent itself. The Northern Continent and the Southern Continent both lie to the far east of the western continent. From what is known, Zelant armour is highly regarded as the best armor in Suiko and it can be assumed that Zelant is a militaristic nation.

Eastern Continent[edit]

Points of Interest:

  • Tenjik
  • Katana

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