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The Crag Network[edit]

Scattered throughout Khorvaire are ancient artifices, each with the ability to transport a user across vast distances in the blink of an eye. Few know about them, even less know where they are located, but it is said that the Crags have protectors.

  • The Four Seasons

Located deep in the Eldeen Reaches, these four beings are said to be nature lovers of the greatest power and abilities, each named after one of the seasons.

Eternal Summer (One of the lost race of Black Aria)




They have the ability to see the Crags using found artifacts from the Lost continent of Xen'drik. How they came to be or how they came to possess these artifacts is unknown at this time.

  • The Traveler

One of the Dark Six.

The Dale in Shadow[edit]

Deep within the Mournlands lay a city, the Dale in Shadow. The city, while mostly destroyed, is home to three beings.

The first, a corpse wearing the tatters of wizardly robes, his body punctured with dozens of throwing spikes, and perfectly preserved by the effects of the destruction of Cyre.

The second is a living shadow, who watches the first, never leaving his side.

Lastly is the man who saved the Dale in Shadow during the time of great peril, he who killed the unkillable. He now waits for the next event, one that might end his cursed existence.

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