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All done: have fun with this GMs ~Ichiro~

Size/Type: Small Outsider(Air)
Hit Dice: 10d10 (100 hp)
Initiative: +12
Speed: Walk: 20, Fly(Perfect): 40
Armor Class: 21(10+8(dex)+3(Natural Armor), touch 18(10+8(Dex)), flat-footed 13(10+3(Natural Armor))
Base Attack/Grapple: 7/+3
Attack: Bite(Natural/+4/Melee/1d4-4(min:1))
Full Attack: Bite(+4/1d4-4(min:1))/ Bite(-2/1d4-4(min:1))
Space/Reach: 6ft/5ft
Special Attacks: Energy Breath(Su)
Special Qualities: Energy Absorption(Ex), Gem Shield(Su), Energy Pool


Saves: Fort 8, Ref 11, Will 9
Abilities: Str 3, Dex 26, Con 20, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Skills: Concentration (Con) + 15, Handle Animal (Cha) + 5, Heal (Wis)+17, Spellcraft (Int)+6, Survival (Wis)+12.
Feats: Flyby Attack
Environment: Varies upon Energy Type
Organization: Solitary(1), Travelling Group(3-7), Nest(100-500)
Challenge Rating: 10
Treasure: Gem(Small sized sphere, worth 500 Gold)
Alignment: Any
Advancement: HD
Level Adjustment: +5


as you approach the cave where you were told to destroy all creatures, you spot hundreds of glowing gems, and just as many lizard-like creatures, the creatures begin to float, and look at you like a threat.

a Gemron is a lizard like creature the size of a house cat, it has an odd Crest on its forehead. the Gemron stays afloat above the ground, clasping a large Gem with all four of its limbs.


The Gemron tries to avoid battle where possible, but is able to hold its own quite well. it will fly upwards as high as possible, to get out of melee attack range, and actively attack those who can attack across that distance using its Energy Breath ability.

Energy Breath(Su): (standard action)the Gemron spits a ball of energy from its mouth, this can have one of two effects, which is picked by the gemron upon using this ability, this ability has a range of 120ft: 1-Gemron makes a normal ranged attack upon your target, this attack has an aditional +5 to hit, and it deals 1d8 damage per 3 HD the Gemron has. 2-Gemron forces its target to make a Reflex save(DC: HD+Int+10) dealing 1d4 damage per 3 HD on a failed save, and half that on a successful save.

Energy Absorption(Ex): the Gemron clasps itselt onto its Gem, absorbing the elemental power within it, the Gemron gains fast healing 10, but cannot take any other actions while this ability is in effect.

Gem Shield(Su): the Gemron only uses this skill as a last defensive resort. the gemron seals itself inside its Gem by touching it, this ability cannot transfer the Gemron into or out of the Gem while in an Anti-Magic field, nor can it be forced out of its gem with any anti-magic. the Gem has Hardness of 20+HD, and has 200 HP. if the Gem is broken, the Gemron is immediatly expelled from it.

Energy Pool(Sp): This is used after the Gemrons Gem is destroyed. the Gemron spends one full weeks time concentrating on its elemental power, releasing an aura of energy that swirls in a sphere, slowly creating the gem. after one week, the Gem is rebuilt, and the Gemron loses one HD(or Class level, if a PC)

Treasure: the Gemron's gem remains even if it does not, and it may be sold for 500 gp. the Gem is slightly bigger than a basketball. if kept, however, for one year in the possession of a Intellegent, living humanoid, or monstrous humanoid, the gem will shatter, and release a new born gemron of the Gems Element. If the Gem gets traded, or leaves the possession of the owner, then the time resets. this gemron has one HD, and may be used as an animal companion, or familiar, gaining bonuses as such.

Element Gemron Name color(Gem & Gemron)/Crest Shape(crest color) Extra CR(LA)/effect of Energy Breath
Fire Flame Gemron Red/Sun(yellow) +2(+1)+5 damage
Cold Ice Gemron Cyan/Diamond(clear) +3(+3) +3 damage, slow foes speed to 15ft
Electricity Moon Gemron Yellow/Crescent Moon(blueish white) +7(+9) +10 to hit, stun 1 round
Acid Sludge Gemron Brown/Splotches(green/Purple swirled) +3(+2) x3 damage to objects
Positive Energy Holy Gemron White/Halo(yellow) +5(+6)Heals instead of damages(hurts undead)
Negative Energy Vile Gemron Black/Spiked Circle(green} +5(+6) Hurts all but undead, heals undead
Force Empowered Gemron Purple/Circle(Silver) +5(+4) bypass DR, +3 to hit
Sonic Wind Gemron Green/Triangle(yellow) +8(+7) Shoot 2 Energy Breath's per turn
Drain Vampiric Gemron Grey/Droplet(red) +10(+9) Gain Health equal to the amount of damage it deals
Vorpal Dark Gemron Silver/V Shape(black) +20(+19) Decapitate foe on the roll of a natural 20 confirmed critical.

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