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Gear of the Wolf: A set of four wolf paws are lying on the ground, but upon further inspection, two of the paws seem wearable as gloves and the other two as boots. You then stumble upon a helm in the likeness of a wolf, but be warned, whoever wears this gear will become a wolf, unfit to live among humankind.

Gear of the Wolf:

This set consists of a pair of gloves, a pair of boots and a helm, which all resemble the corresponding parts of a wolf. When the entire set is donned, the Disguise Self spell is cast permanently upon the wearer, making them appear as a wolf. A Will save (DC 25) will resist this effect. If the save is successful, the gear falls off at the wearer's feet. If they fail the Will save, another save attempt cannot be made again until the following day.

If only certain parts of the gear are worn, the wearer gains various abilites as follows:

  • Helm: Ability to speak Sylvan and a bite attack (damage dependent on size).
  • Gloves: Two claw attacks (damage dependent upon size of the wearer).
  • Boots: +30 ft base land speed.

If the entire outfit is worn, the wearer gan a +20 modifier to his Disguise skill.

CL 10; Craft Armor, Disguise Self, Craft Armor 15; Cost 1000gp, wolf hide, wolf skull, 5 days; Market Price: 2500 gp

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