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Adventure Background[edit]

This quest is intended for a party of approximately four characters of level 18. A strange gem, tattered scroll, and a forgotten temple are the keys to recovering a powerful magic item which has been dissembled and its pieces scattered not only across separate locations but across time itself.


The party must locate the temple where the quest proper begins. The DM should place the temple in a desolate, deserted, and far-away locale, but one that the players can find (through magical means, cross-referencing known map features, etc). The temple and quest are described in the following pdf which the DM should download:

File:Gate to the Past text.pdf

The necessary maps are located in this file:

File:Gate to the Past maps.pdf

Gate to the Past 5e Quest.jpg


The DM could/should place a scroll tube in the treasure hoard of the previous adventure. The tube contains a gem that is one component of the Staff of Daedros, and the Scroll of Daedros, which tells of the staff and provides a map to a lost temple.


If the party finds the temple, they also find there a priestess who can be helpful if a suitable charitable donation is made. The temple is actually a set of gates to seven different times and locations, each containing a component of the Staff of Daedros.

There is a time limit once the first gate is entered; hopefully the party is generous enough with the temple priestess that she will inform them of the time limit! If the party does not complete the quest within the time limit, certain events in the past become undone!


Treasure (magic and monetary) is described in the pdf text file. The treasure available in the quest was appropriate for the challenge in the author's campaign. DM's are encouraged to make changes as appropriate for their own DM style.

The Staff of Daedros is the equivalent of a Staff of Power. However, the DM may substitute another item or homebrew their own if desired.


This quest is self-contained; successful or no, the party may either recover the staff and be on their way, or keep trying, or give up and leave.


Experience for monster kills may be awarded as designated in the monster stat sheets. Experience for monsters defeated but not killed may generously be awarded by the DM if the staff component from that particular gate is recovered. If the DM must adjust the difficulty of the quest to make it appropriate for their party, they may also elect to adjust experience points awarded, or simply level everyone up if the mission is successful. There is no experience awarded for treasure (unless the DM decides otherwise).


If you use this quest, or even just look at it, please Talk to me; I'm interested in knowing if it's worth my time to provide material like this...

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