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Goal of this Build[edit]

Have you ever played a tank and not been able to get the monsters to attack you? Have you ever been frustrated when that flying creature leaves melee with you? Well now we have a fool proof solution (Aside from just playing a spellcaster) using only one item from the Unearthed Arcana: Underdark edition.


You must start out as variant human.


If you want the standard array, you put the attributes as follows: str-15 dex-14 con-13 and int, wis, and cha don't really matter. Now put your human variant bonuses in strength and constitution.


Doesn't matter. You choose what fits best with your campaign.


Take a halberd and get half-plate armor as soon as you can.

Class & Feats[edit]

Level 1 - Fighter 1 - First use the variant human feat grabber to get the sentinal feat. Sentinal allows you to stop creatures in their tracks when you hit them with an OA. Now take the fighting style tunnel fighter from UA from your fighter fighting style. Tunnel fighter lets you spend a bonus action to get OA's without spending a reaction for any of them. You have infinite OA's to stop creatures from escaping you.

Level 2 - Fighter 2 - Take the action surge. It doesn't help too much for the build but its still useful.

Level 3 - Fighter 3 - Take battle master and take the Precision strike, Parry, and Riposte. Now it's harder to miss with a OA and you can use your reaction to take less damage.

Level 4 - Fighter 4 - It may be getting boring but the fun is just starting! Bear with me this is the last fighter level. Take the pole arm master feat. Now you can stop creatures before they even reach you!

Level 5 - Barbarian 1 - This is where the fun begins! Now you can take half damage and dish out more while raging.

Level 6 - Barbarian 2 - Now you get Reckless attack and use it to gain advantage ALL THE TIME!

Level 7 - Barbarian 3 - Take the path of the Totem warrior and take the bear totem. Now you take half damage against all damage types.

Level 8 - Barbarian 4 - Ability score increase goes into strength.

Level 9 - Barbarian 5 - Now you finally get that extra attack you always wanted! Also your faster than you used to be!

Level 10 - Barbarian 6 - Your beast aspect does not really matter.

Level 11 - Barbarian 7 - Better initiative so that you can trigger that tunnel fighter faster!

Level 12 - Barbarian 8 - Put the improvement into strength again.

Level 13 - Barbarian 9 - Brutal man. Just like your critical's!

Level 14-20 - Barbarian 10-16 - The rest is pretty straight forward, take bear at 14th barb level and increase dex or con for the rest of the improvements.


I think that this build is pretty cool. You can stop monsters from escaping you even when they are disengaged and just piss off your DM with spoiling of the monsters escape plan. You only weakness is teleportation. Which is actually very effective against this build. Please tell me what you think of it and give constructive feed back instead of just straight you suck at life.

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