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Greater Deity
Symbol: A golden nugget
Home Plane: Twin Paradises of Bytopia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Protection, humor, trickery, gemcutting, smithing
Clergy Alignments:
Domains: Community, Craft, Creation, Gnome, Good, Protection, Trickery
Favored Weapon:

The Joker, the Watchful Protector, the Priceless Gem, the Sparkling Wit


Garl is depicted as a handsome, golden-skinned gnome with sparkling gemstones for eyes. He wears a flowing silk cloak and usually a substantial amount of gold decoration.


Garl lives in the gnomish realm of the Golden Hills on the plane of Bytopia. The Golden Hills are a set of seven hills, one for each of the deities who dwell there. The whole realm glows with a golden hue. Garl's hill is known as Glitterhome, but he prefers to wander throughout the realm, often in disguise.


A sense of humor is an important thing for anyone to cultivate, regardless of their hardships. The inhabitants of a community ought to cooperate for the greater good. Pranks are a sacrament. Authority figures shouldn't take themselves too seriously. The tales and jokes of the gnomish people should be preserved, but change should not be feared.


Garl Glittergold is the most popular of the gnomish deities, and honored, in one way or another, by nearly all gnomes.


Ceremonies in honor of Garl are flashy, full of illusion and mystery. They extol gnomish virtues such as cleverness and craftsmanship. During the Communion of Laughter, the faithful are expected to sacrifice a bit of gold or gold dust to the church, who use it for the good of the community. Prayers to Garl are typically composed in call-and-response style, with the priest asking a riddle and the flock calling out the answer.

Holy days

Worship services are held on the 13th of each month in a holiday known as the Communion of Laughter. Lasting the whole day, the Communion of Laughter includes quiet contemplation, prayer, communal eating, dancing, storytelling, and joke-telling contests.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Garl's clerics wear war helms and gold belts. On ceremonial occasions, their helms and armor are plated with gold as well. Novice priests are known as the Uncut, while full priests are called Jewels. The ranks in Garl's hierarchy are, in ascending order, the Amethyst, Topaz, Opal, Jacinth, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire priests. High priestesses are called Star Rubies while male high priests are called Star Sapphires. Specialty priests are called glitterbrights. Priests of the Sparkling Wit serve as crafters, teachers, goldsmiths, miners, entertainers, mediators, councilors, and protectors. They defend the community against outside threats, often with axes, their god's favored weapon.


Temples to the Priceless Gem are unassuming and often hidden. They are normally worked caves just beneath the surface, in the heart of a gnomish community. They are usually circular with a domed ceiling divided into four quadrants, the walls and ceilings decorated in gold leaf and studded with gold nuggets when this can be afforded. Comedians, illusionists, and other entertainers use the space to bring joy and laughter to the faithful. Priests there are usually glad to help traveling gnomes in need.

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