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Rogue Subclass


A drunken man with vomit stains on his shirt,throws a card at the monster. The monster looks confused. Bam! It has been struck with lightning. This subclass give you the ability to try your luck in combat. You will need a deck of cards and a coin to use this subclass. The spell casting mod is charisma.

Cheaters Always Prosper[edit]

At 3rd level you gain the proficiency in the skills deception and sleight of hand. If you do not already have it.

The Deck[edit]

At 3rd level when you chose this subclass you gain the magical ability to embu a deck of card with the magic of probability. You can only have one magic of probability deck at a time and you can embu a magic deck with the magic of probability. This deck of cards can be used as an action and a bonus action. You gain the ability to throw a randomly chosen card, and based on what card has been chosen you will do the following damage.







If you pull a Joker card roll a d6, now have disadvantage on a saving throw until the end of your next turn based on this list.







At 9th level the number of dice double 2d? (same with the Joker)(Ace=4d8) at 13th level you get 3d? (Ace=6d8) at 17th level you get 4d? (Ace=8d8).

Poker Face[edit]

At 9th level you gain the ability to draw 4 cards and look at them before you through them but if you draw a Joker it has to be thrown. When you draw and pick one to either through or save the other three get shuffled back in the deck. You can save one card per draw. You can also save 4 cards from being thrown and you can through all cards at once.

The Suit Matters[edit]

At 9th level you choose 4 different types of damage and what suit they belong to. After a long rest you can choose new types of damage or keep them the same.

Snake Eyes[edit]

At 13th level you can roll 2d6 as a bonus action. You can only do this 1d4 per long rest. If you roll double 1's your action is used to summon a snake within 30ft of you, and it does the amount of damage equal to the number in your pool. After the snake is summoned the pool is reduced to 0. If you roll doubles other than 1's your pool is reduced to 0. Any other combo of numbers gets added to the pool.


At 13th level you can flip a coin in real life. When you flip the coin you have to guess what side will be face up out loud.If you get it right then you get advantage on your next attack and if you get it wrong you get disadvantage. This ability can be done as a bonus action. You can do this ability equal to half your deception modifier per long rest. At 17th level the number of uses is equal to your deception modifier.

Full House[edit]

At 17th level if you are able to make a poker hand with the 4 cards saved and one drawn. When you play your hand the DM can draw 4 cards 5 times from the deck for the first 4 draws the DM takes one card, the final draw is when the hand is played and if your hand beats the DM's you will do an effect based on this chart.

Good Effects[edit]

Royal Flush = do the amount of damage that each card does and dubble the dice

Straight Flush = haste is casted on you

Four of a Kind = choose 4 allies and cast bless on them

Full House = Mass cure wounds is casted at 9th level

Flush = blink is cast on you

Bad Effects[edit]

If the DM's hand wins one of these effects happens. The magic deck turns on the user and their allies.

Royal Flush = polymorph is cast on one enemy and is transformed into something with a cr of 17-20

Straight Flush = hold person is casted on yourself

Four of a Kind = incendiary cloud is cast on yourself

Full House = earthquake is casted centered on yourself

Flush = invisibility is cast on an enemy

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