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Unless otherwise specified, a minor action is required to use a consumable item, and each has a single use.

Simple Consumables Level Cost Weight Benefit
Beehive Grenade 8 88 1 Single-use area burst physical attack.
Concussion Grenade 4 44 1 Single-use compressive and thermal attack.
Distraction Grenade 2 31 1 Single-use device that emits a loud, sudden clicking and wailing alarm, designed to disorient.
Frag Grenade 3 38 1 Single-use area burst physical attack.
Smoke Grenade 1 25 1 Single-use singalling or temporary screening device.
Average Consumables Level Cost Weight Benefit
Breach Grenade 3 150 1 Single-use thrown shaped charge that sticks to a surface and blasts through it.
Elecromagnetic Pulse Grenade 5 200 2 A grenade that disrupts electrical systems.
Flashbang Grenade 2 125 1 This grenades emits sudden and light and sound that overloads the victim's senses leaving them temporarily deaf and blind.
Incendiary Grenade 4 175 2 A grenade containing an exothermic, pyrotechnic composition that burns hot enough to melt steel.
Restoration Kit 3 150 1 Restores 15 hit points.
Restoration Kit, Improved 8 350 1 Restores 30 hit points.
Advanced Consumables Level Cost Weight Benefit
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