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Though Pandlechron is primarily the campaign setting I am using in the current game I am DMing, I will be attempting to generalize the history and world so that I can either reuse it later or someone else can pick it up.

There are many major themes of deception, hardship, and brutality that I attempt to develop throughout the story of Pandlechron and each quest related to Pandlechron fits these ideas. This setting is definitely not for everyone. People who do not want to lose their characters or like to be more in control of their purchasing will not like this campaign setting. Many experienced players will find it refreshing however. There is a large chance every game to lose your character, and the sessions will be challenging at best (nearly impossible at worst). Players are expected to lose battles frequently and the main trouble is to lose them in the least painful way possible.

I am not an expert of geography, and the world is probably impossible. That is fine. Blame it on magic if all else fails.

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