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Fortuna Elf[edit]

Elf Subrace

Said to be blessed by Fortuna herself, these are elves that harness the power of luck and misfortune, attracting either good luck....or ill fate. There are two different types of Fortuna Elves, Crow Lucks and Rabbit Lucks.

Rabbit Lucks[edit]

Rabbit Lucks are able to turn the odds in their favor, not to mention simply draw in good luck naturally. They are well respected within their communities and highly regarded among other fae for their natural fortune. People often want them around simply to improve their own luck, considering them along the same lines as a four leaf clover or a rabbit's foot. They're a rather peaceful race, not to mention social. Great at making friends and gaining the attention of the crowd.

Crow Lucks[edit]

Crow Lucks, on the other hand, are a much different case. They bring misfortune to who they please, though more often than not they get bad luck of their own too. Things rarely ever go their way, and that goes for those around them too. Often they are disliked by people aware of their unlucky status, to the point of where their bad luck it attempted to be hidden. Either by Rabbit Luck parents looking to keep their image clean, or by Crow Lucks themselves just looking to be loved for once. Despite their efforts, their luck eventually catches up to them, and commonly they end up as criminals to get by. Subsequently only tarnishing their reputation more.

Physical Description[edit]

This race is one of the closest elven subraces to a human race one can find, as they are capable of having any natural skintone or eye/hair color. With the exception of occasionally having white hair. However, it is easy to tell a fortuna elf apart from a human, because once they reach a certain age, their hair gains a streak of color. Rabbit Lucks end up with either red or green, and Crow Lucks get black or purple (though if one was already born with black hair, they will always get a purple streak). In some rare occasions, an eye will change color as well, matching up with the color in their hair.

Fortuna Elf Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Fortuna's Blessing. When you roll a d20, you may roll again, and choose which result to use. You cannot do this on the same roll you've already used this trait for, and you can only do this twice, regaining both uses after finishing a long rest.

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