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Formation Expert [Tactical, Fighter]

Allows you to make Shield Formation Tactial maneuvers.
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +5
Benefit: You may use the following 3 tactical maneuvers, even if your allies do not have the feat too:
Lock Shield: If you and the two allies on either side of you are wielding shield, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.
Step into the Breach: If there is a line of adjacent allies and one ally within a single move falls, you may make a single move to that ally’s location as if you had a Readied Action.
Wall of Polearms: Gain a +2 attack bonus if you and your adjacent allies are each wielding the same weapon, which must be off the following list: Shortspear, Longspear, Trident, Glaive, Gisarme, Halberd, or Ranseur.
Normal: You may not do these maneuvers.
Special: Can be found int the Complete Warrior page 110.

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