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Form-changers are a race of mixed breeds.

Form-changers are mixes of races that have the extraordinary ability to, in a sense, "change what they are." More accurately, form-changers must be what they wish to change into, or rather, possess the blood of what they wish to be in their veins.

When a form-changer "changes," they simply become more like a certain race, gaining more physical and mental properties of said race.

When they are of a single race, some of the features/skills of their other races spill over even though they choose to only be that one race.

When they are not of any particular race, they are, more or less, an even amount of everything they are.


Form-Changers act differently depending on their "base" race. For Example, an Elven based Form-changer will often be arrogant and snobbish, while a Human based Form-changer may be free-spirited and friendly.

Physical Description[edit]

Form-Changers mainly have no physical similarities except for the fact that most of them maintain a humanoid form most of the time. There natural appearance is identical of that of which race it comes from, therefore it can be hard to determine who is or isn't a Form-changers


Form-Changers act differently depending on their "base" race. Form-changers have the same personality and characteristics as the race they have the most similarity of, for Example an Elven based Form-changer is known for having a grudge against dwarves, While Orc based Form-changers are known for being unfriendly to nearly all races. One thing for certain through is that they somehow always get along with another Form-Changer.


Form-changers tend to be chaotic or neutral. Other than that, they vary by their "base" race.


Form-Changers come from everywhere, and no one place specifically. Form-Changers simply do not have settlements of there own, they live among other races often undiscovered and treated as one of them.


Form-Changers practice a wide variety of religions due to the fact that they often don't see or meet other form-changers, EVER!


Any. The languages which a Form-changer knows depends highly on what race they are based off.


Any. The Names of the Form-changers usual originate from the culture they were raised in.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Stat Bonuses: Add all stat bonuses and decreases together. First set your base Stats, then adjust them adcordingly with what race you are. A human for example gets no bonuses, whilst a Elf would get a +2 to strength and dexterity and a -2 to intelligence and constitution.
  • Size: Average size rounded down of parents' size. This is based off the size of the race it is based off, for example, human Form-changers a Normal, Halfling Form-Changers are Small and Half-giant Form-Changers tend to be large.
  • Base Land Speed: Average of all races it is. This tends be around 30 for most races.
  • Shape Swift(Sp); A Form-Changer can go trough a special transformation which can turn them into any race which they desire, they can also be a mixture of races, taking the main features of both races with a couple of the stronger setbacks.
  • Automatic Languages: Languages normally spoken in its region. It will at have Common and any languages it was taught in its upbringing.
  • Favored class: ONE an only ONE of the Favored Classes of what races they are of. They tend to go with the flow and class in that of the race they are based off.
  • Level Adjustment: ( Base Races ECL ) + 1, for example, a human Form-changer would have a LA of +1, whilst a Centaur Form-changer would have a LA of +3.

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