Flight of Dragons Attack Village (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for[edit]

Flight of Dragons Attacks Village

by Chunga Lunga, Tribal Interpreter

Peace Talks Erupt in Conflict with Secrets and Betrayals

CITY -- A Dragon Ambassador from Argonnessen, in the city for the peace talks with local officials was killed late last evening. Investigators are searching for possible leads within the city and the outlying areas in hopes at bringing the truce back to the table. The Dragon, once called Quinnexia, a female Silver, was found in her lodgings apparently poisoned. The true cause of death hasn't been determined yet.

Immediately after the discovery of the body the remaining regiment of Dragons attacked the town demanding answers. Several prominent nobles were slain and several have gone missing, presumed to have departed the city once the fighting began. This is assumed because the contingent of soldiers that accompanied the nobles are missing as well.

This reporter has taken certain liberties to uncover the truth and discovered that several key members of a Guild of Assasasins have been seen in the region recently, whether they two incidences are tied together remains to be seen.

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