Fighting Crow Style (3.5e Monk Fighting Style)

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Fighting Crow Style[edit]

A style of Kung Fu developed by observing the behavior of aggressive crows as they attack their prey and other birds. The style utilizes grapples and fast movements to attack or disarm opponents.

1st-Level Skill Bonus: Tumble

1st-Level Feat: Improved Grapple

2nd-Level Feat: Grappling Block

6th-Level Feat: Unbalancing Strike

6th-Level Bonus Ability: Advanced Crow Claw Technique: Three times per day, a Crow Style monk may use this ability to bypass an opponents armor when using Flurry of Blows, and roll to hit the reduced armor class. This affects armor that is manufactured, natural, or otherwise.

Prerequisites: Tumble 9, Dexterity 14.

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