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Who are the Fey Dwarves?[edit]

Only some know of the origin of the Fey Dwarves. This sub-race of dwarves was made when some dwarves were making trades with the elves through ancient gates that held open portals to the fey-wilds but a mishap occurred. A small convoy of dwarves was trapped in the wilds they started a new clan the ¨Bitterhorn´s¨ almost all fey dwarves hail from this clan. Fey dwarves typically live in locations that remind them of the fey wild. Since their forms have been changed by the fey-wilds so are their personalities- most of the subspecies share certain traits, examples of these traits being: intellectually and emotionally distant, steady-headed, naturalistic, down to earth, calm, cold.

How do Fey Dwarves Look?[edit]

The Fey Dwarves have a few traits to their physical body that set them apart from their fellow dwarves here are some of those traits:

  • Hair Color: Black, blond, brown, copper red.
  • Eye Color: Green, brown, hazel.
  • Skin Color: Copper, tan, light brown.
  • Height: The fey Dwarves tend to stay to the extremes of the dwarf race being either the tallest or the smallest dwarves.
  • Fey Beauty: The Fey Dwarves tend to be some of the most beautiful in the dwarf race thanks to the Fey-wilds giving them perfect skin, hair, teeth, and eyes.

Fey Dwarf[edit]

The Fey become you! You have fey like powers thanks to your unique bloodline.

Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Feywilds Blessing. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Wild Tongue. You can speak, read, and write Sylvan.
Mask of the Wild. You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, and other natural phenomena.
Mediation. You don’t need to sleep. Instead, you meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. While meditating, you can dream after a fashion; such dreams are actually mental exercises that have become reflexive through years of practice. After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep.

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