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Fey Child[edit]

At a young age, you found yourself deep within the fey wilds. Were you lost in the woods? Abandoned by your family, either by personal means or to fulfill a deal? Maybe kidnapped by fairies or other magical deities that were curious about what you were? Either way, for a major portion of your life, you grew up with many fey beings, either with good or bad intentions. But after years within their realm, you found yourself back on the material plane, either by chance or on purpose. Maybe you were curious to learn where you came from? Maybe you wanted to escape those who held you captive? Whatever the reason, you're here now, and it's up to you to determine where your story heads from here.

Skill Proficiencies: Nature and Stealth

Tool Proficiencies: One musical instrument

Languages: Sylvan

Equipment: A set of common clothing, a coin pouch holding 10 gp, a flower or other small item from the Feywild, a toy from your previous family, a musical instrument of your choice, and a water-skin

Fey Parents[edit]

What Fey beings brought you up? The Feywilds hold a number of magical beings. Who raised you? Roll to decide or choose whatever fits your character.

d6 Specialization
1 Fairies
2 Satyrs
3 Sprite
4 Pixies
5 Dryads
6 Treants

Feature: Fey Touched[edit]

In your time living amongst the fey and adapting to their ways in order to survive, you have an acute knowledge on the Feywilds. You know most of the creatures that live there, the different fey's social structures, the plants, the wildlife, the dangers within it. You know how the creatures within the Feywilds work and what they are capable of, and have a general knowledge of what their tricks are, how to avoid them, how to see through their spells. You survived this world by knowing how to best them.

In retrospect, (for DM knowledge and roleplaying purposes) you have no other real knowledge of the world you originally came from. You grew up in the Feywilds after all. How would you know how the other world functions?

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Most Fey beings are curious, playful tricksters. Their personalities reflect through you, whether it be in a good way or not is up to you.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I tend to talk, hum or sing to myself quite often.
2 No matter the situation, I tend to be in an up-beat mood.
3 I like causing problems every once in awhile.
4 I tend to be skittish and/or hostile towards those I don't know or trust.
5 I'm scared of this world that is unknown to me.
6 I tend to fidget with random things constantly.
7 I tend to speak in a variety of voices for no reason whatsoever. It's fun!
8 I speak in rhyme or riddles all the time.
d6 Ideal
1 Trickster. A little prank here or there shouldn't cause too much harm...Maybe...Hehehe (Evil)
2 Kindness. I wish to bestow my kindness to my friends, as the Fey did to me years ago (Good)
3 Remembered. Wherever I go, either people love me or hate me. And I tend to not be forgotten by most. (Neutral)
4 Rules. For every action, there are consequences that must be payed (Lawful)
5 Curiosity. I have no control over impulses once my curiosity is quipped, no matter the situation (Chaotic)
6 Hope. Someday I'll find my true family. Till then I'll make the best of what I've got! (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I think fondly and keep in touch to the Fey that protected me
2 The Fey caused strife and turmoil to my life; I want nothing to do with them
3 I want to find out what my life was before the Fey Wilds
4 I may have caused...A little trouble to a group of kinda important individuals? I may need to be careful of them.
5 A noble seems oddly interested in me after learning about my upbringing...
6 I'm a high target to Fey-ish kind due to my past and magic.
d6 Flaw
1 Sometimes I can get carried away and cause problems
2 I have a hard time trusting "kindness" and "gifts" from others
3 I'm a bit cocky and arrogant
4 I like lying and messing with people
5 I tend to make people like me because I'm scared they won't trust me
6 I can't help myself to not prank a sleeping / prone individual, or anyone actually

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