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Changeling Variant[edit]

Untamed Shifters[edit]

Not all people grow in the comforts and discomforts of society, so of course the same goes for changelings, forcing their previously social-based skills to be turned into weapons of combat. Feral changelings are those who either never experienced society or have lived away from it for long enough that they were forced to adapt. The environments they grow up in also tend to make them much more cold and prone to violence than their civilized counterparts. Of course, know to choose their battles however. Feral changelings have a tendency to be much more pragmatic. They do not use their shapechanging traits as a simple way of expressing themselves, but rather ways to adapt to their surroundings, even having a much more enhanced version suited to this purpose. The idea of shifting constantly for something like this is foreign and frankly baffling to them, thus they tend to stay in their true forms much more often. In some cases however, they do shift as a way to scare off predators, or a way to differentiate in a group of them.

Pack Hunters[edit]

While feral changelings are not the most social of creatures, even they know it is good to work with likeminded folk. While this is usually the same species they will work with others as needed. Multiple can be seen hunting prey, overwhelming them with not only brute force but superior numbers. This idea tends to carry into any adventurer feral changelings, viewing their party as a pack.

Belief of Superiority[edit]

The ones who know about their civilized variant have a belief that they are the superior breed, given how they are physically more durable. While some attack other changelings because of this belief, this is extremely uncommon and usually instead treat them patronizingly, as if they were weaker and not simply attuned to a different set of skills.

Feral Changeling Names[edit]

Similar to changelings, Feral Changelings make their name a syllable or two and rather simple. They see no reason to make names overly complex.

Feral Changeling Traits[edit]

Feral changelings gain the following traits.

Ability Score Increase You gain a +2 to Constitution, and a +1 to either Dexterity or Strength.

Age Like their civilized brethren, feral changelings mature faster than humans but have a similar lifespan. Many die before old age however, due to their dangerous lifestyle not being fit for the elderly.

Alignment While not all feral changelings actively cause harm to others, they are out for their own protection over anybody else's. This, combined with their chaotic nature makes them lean towards chaotic neutral.

Speed Your base walk speed is 35

Combat Shapechanging You have a special type of shapechanging suited for battle and traversing terrain, but not fooling others. As a free action, you can change a visual aspect of your character (such as skin color, eye color, etc), which you can have only one of at a time. As a bonus action however, you can make any of the following:

Claws: You give yourself claws, allowing you to deal a special attack that does 1d6 + Dex or Str modifier slashing damage and gives you a climbing speed equal to your walking speed.

Maw: You give yourself razor sharp teeth, allowing you to deal a special attack that does 1d4 + Dex or Str modifier piercing damage damage and upon hit gives you temporary hitpoints equal to the amount of damage done.

Tail: You give yourself a clubbed tail, allowing you to deal a special attack that does 1d4 + Dex or Str modifier bludgeoning damage and has reach. Additionally, if you hit a creature that is medium or smaller it must make a Con saving throw to avoid being knocked back 5 feet by the force of the blow.

Gils: You sprout gils on your body, allowing you to breathe underwater. However, you do not gain a swimming speed; you still use 1 extra foot of movement when traversing water.

Wings: This is unavalible until level 3, as you are not skilled enough generate wings to carry your weight. You sprout wings, giving you a flight speed equal to your movement speed.

Primal Instincts You gain proficiency with two of the following skills of your choice: Athletics, Survival, Nature and Perception.

Languages You can speak common.

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