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A sentient creature that is not a celestial, construct, fiend, ooze, or undead.


Equipment. The creature can not use any equipment it would normally have.

Abilities. The creature's Intelligence decreases to 7 or lower. If it's Intelligence is 7 or lower, it decreases by 2. Its Charisma decreases accordingly.

Damage Immunities. As base creature.

Damage Resistances. As base creature.

Condition Immunities. As base creature.

Languages The creature loses the ability to speak.

Skills The creature becomes proficient in the Wisdom (Survival) skill.

Alignment The creature's alignment changes to Unaligned.


Untamed. The creature has advantage and a +5 bonus to saving throws against being charmed.


Natural Attacks. The creature uses appropriate natural attacks.

Other Attacks. Remove all other weapon attacks.

CR Calculation[edit]

AC. unless the creature has natural armor, its AC is based solely on its Dexterity score.

See Abilities, Equipment, Traits, and Actions above.


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