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Campaign Name: Eberron Nights

Character Level: 8

Exp: 28,000

Class: Ranger

Class Levels: 8

Action Points: 5 (Max: 9) (Dice 2d6)

Race: Lupin

Age: 25½

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 150lbs


Str 16 (+3) Dex 15 (+2) Con 15 (+2) Int 16 (+3) Wis 16 (+3) Cha 14 (+2)

HP: 71 (Out of a possible (88) (11 - 1st Level 1d8+3 Con, +21 Con Bonus for 7 levels, +7d8)

AC: 17 (10 base +2 Dex +4 Mail Shirt +1 Bracers )

Align: NG

Spell Resistance: 0%

Speed: 30

Saving Throws[edit]

  • Fortitude +9 (+6 base +3 Con)
  • Reflex +8 (+6 base +2 Dex)
  • Will +7 (+2 base +3 Wis+2 Feat)

Combat Attack Bonuses[edit]

Melee: +11/+7 (+8/+4 base +3 Str)

Ranged: +10/+6 (+8/+4 base +2 Dex)


1) Quarterstaff +9/+9/+7 1d6+3/1d6+1 x2 X 4lb

2) Battle Axe +9/+9/+7 1d8+3/1d8+1 x3 X 12lb

3) Partisan +11/+7 2d4+4 x3 12lb


Total Skill Points: 99 (36 1st + 9x7) Max ranks: 11 class, 5½ cross-class

Skill Mod Ability Rank Miscellaneous X Appraise + +3 Int 3

X Balance + +2 Dex 4 2

X Bluff + +2 Cha 2

Climb +6 +3 Str 11 2

Concentration +6 +2 Con 8

Craft (Armorer) +6 +3 Int 10

Craft (Bowyer) +6 +3 Int 10

Craft (Weapons) +6 +3 Int 10

X T Decipher Script + +3 Int X

X Diplomacy + +2 Cha 2

X T Disable Device + +3 Int X

X Disguise + +2 Cha 2

X Escape Artist + +2 Dex 2

X Forgery + +3 Int 3

X Gather Information + +2 Cha 2

T Handle Animal +5 +2 Cha X Untrained push & handle only

Heal +7 +3 Wis 11

Hide +6 +2 Dex 6

X Intimidate + +2 Cha 2

X Intuit Direction + +

Jump +6 +3 Str 11 2

T Knowledge + +3 Int X

Listen +7 +3 Wis 10

Move Silently +6 +2 Dex 6

X T Open Lock + +2 Dex X

X T Perform +0 +2 Cha 7

T Profession() + +2 Wis X

Ride + +2 Dex 2

Search +6 +3 Int 9

X Sense Motive + +2 Wis 2

X T Slight of Hand + +2 Dex X

X T Spellcraft + +3 Int X

Spot +7 +3 Wis 10

Survival +7 +3 Wis 12

Swim +6 +3 Str 9

X Tumble + +2 Dex 2

X T Use Magic Device + +2 Cha X

Use Rope +6 +2 Dex 9

Wilderness Lore + +

  • X = cross-class skill
  • T = must be trained to use

Languages: Common (racial languages)Elven, Gnoll, Sylvan (+ 3 Int bonus language)


Iron Will

Indomitable Soul

Oversized Two Weapon Fighting

Racial Abilities[edit]

  • Monstrous Humanoid: As monstrous humanoids, lupins are immune to charm person, hold person and like spells.
  • Medium Size: As Medium creatures lupins have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Lupin Base Land Speed is 30 feet
  • Darkvision: Lupins can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and lupins can function just fine with no light at all.
  • Accute Sense of Smell: In many ways, a lupin's accute sense of smell works like the scent ability, but without the automatic nature of scent. A lupin's nose allows it to locate and identify certain races and creaturs by their smell, and to aid it in tracking.

-A lupin automatically gets to attempt a DC 10 wisdom check to detect a lycanthrope within 30 feet, regardless of what form the creature takes. If the lycanthrope is downwind, the range at which a lupin can detect it doubles. If it is upwind, the range is halved.

--A lupin has a better ability to detect and distinguish the scents of creatures than a human. This gives the lupin a +5 racial bonus on Spot checks made to oppose a known individual's Disguise check if the individual comes within 5 feet.

-A lupin within 5 feet of an invisible or hidden creature is entitled to a DC20 Wisdom check to pinpoint that creature.

-A lupin gains a +2 racial bonus on all survival checks to follow tracks. Lupins can't track by smell alone, but the olfactory clues they find aid their tracking techniques.

  • Lupins suffer a -2 penalty on all saving throws based on odor (such as a stinking cloud spell or a ghast's stench).
  • Expert Rider: Lupins always consider Ride a class skill, and they get a +2 bonus on all ride checks. L:upins rely on strong mounts while making their yearly nomadic movements, and even settled lupins purchase a horse as soon as they can.
  • +1 bonus on all attack rolls and damage rolls against werewolves. As soon as they are weaned, lupins begin learning techniques to fight their ancient foes.
  • +2 bonus on Listen checks: Lupins have a keen sense of hearing.
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Lupin. Bonus Languages: Elven, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling and Sylvan. Lupins tend to learn the languages of their friends and enemies.
  • Favored Class: Ranger. A multiclass lupin's ranger class does not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multiclassing (see XP for multiclass characters on page 60 of the Player's Handbook). The lupin's keen senses make them natural trackers. Lupin rangers may choose humanoids (shapechangers) as a favored enemy.
  • Base Age:14 Category 1 +1d4 Category 2 +1d6 Category 3 +2d6

Middle Age: 30 years Old: 45 years Venerable: 60 years Max Age: +2d10 years

Base Height: Base Weight: Male 4'10" +2d8 120 lbs. *2d4 lb. Female 4' 05" +2d8 85 lbs. *2d4 lb.

Class Abilities[edit]

Track (feat) (1st Level)

Simple Weapon Prof. (Ranger)

Martial Weapon Prof. (Ranger)

Light Armor Prof. (Ranger)

Shield Prof. (Ranger)

Wild Empathy +10 (1st Level)

Favored Enemy: Magical Beasts +2 (1st Level)

Favored Enemy: Aberrations +4 (5th Level)

Two Weapon Fighting (2nd Level – Combat Style)

Endurance (3rd Level)

Two Weapon Pounce (6th Level – Improved Combat Style)

Woodland Stride (7th Level)

Swift Tracker (8th Level)

Spells: Lv. 1 (2) Lv.2 (1) (4th Level)

Hawk companion (Vision) (4th Level – Animal Companion)


Black furred humanoid wolf with red top fur and green eyes. Dresses in his armor almost constantly. To him his armor is his uniform as a ranger. Armed and armored he is always expecting trouble. His fur also has red tiger stripes, why? He doesn't know.

Equipment ()[edit]


Twin Battle Axes


Backpack w/water-skin

One Day's Rations

Flint and Steel



Grappling Hook

50 feet Silk Rope


Growing up in Wolf's Paw in the Eldeen Reaches, Fenrys enjoyed stories by the firelight. Getting in touch with the wolf within he nurtured that power especially on the hunts he would partake with the rest of the community. Until on such a hunt, the party came across a horrid dire boar. Valiantly they all fought but only Fenrys survived to tell the tale. He has decided to Quest to find out who created the monster and sent it to Wolf's Paw. Fenrys has set out with a few meager belongings in search of answers and adventure. But first a more immediate threat has garnered his attentions.

A clue to his quest was rumored to exist in the Mournlands so off to that dread place he went. He hired on to a scientific expedition that was also going there for research. About week into the expedition the team was attacked by werewolves tainted by the strange magics of the Mournland itself. Fenrys himself was bitten and the tainted saliva reacted weirdly with his blood. For days he was wracked with spasms that almost made it impossible to do his job. When the spasms finally subsided the shifter was no more. Fur covered his body and the effects of his wildhunt abilities more or less became prevalent all the time. His head was like that of a wolf. But the transformation robbed him of his ability to shapeshift.However, the new form pleased Fenrys so he decided to accept this as his new body and move on, having met lupin in the past a part of him wished he could have been born that way. The tour of the Mournland left him with more questions than answers. Why were there werewolves? Why did what happen to him happen? Upon coming home he performed the ritual of binding, granting himself a hawk companion and rededicated himself to the defense of the Reaches deciding to change his weapon preferences in the process. Falling back on Oalian's teachings as well as those of the Gate Keepers he decided to try and live in a more Druidic fashion.


  • Kushiel (Female Bear Lupin/Monk)

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