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Niten Ichi-ryū Feats Trees[edit]

Shoden: Itto Seiho Chuden: Kodachi Seiho Okuden: Nito Seiho Menkyo: Bojutsu Menkyo Kaiden: All the curriculum of the ryu plus have a deep knowledge of the founder teachings


One of the more common training weapon is the wooden sword (bokuto or bokken). Benefit:

  • Bokuto counts as a sharp metal sword making D8 damage.

Battōjutsu-meaning techniques for engaging a sword

  • standing or sitting techniques
  • The emphasis of training in battōjutsu is on cutting with the sword
  • Battōjutsu usually incorporates multiple cuts after drawing the sword

Daitō Itto Seiho

The Samurai runs past his foe cutting him either in the rear or splitting him in half. Usually with a Katana swung from bottum to top the attack draws the sword from the shaft under the run and without being seen.

  • Benefit
  • The Samurai move and attack within 10 + move.
  • The samurai can attack retroactive within ”his move and attack”.
  • dexterity to AC is set to a cap by 2.
  • Target makes a intelligence check +samurai lore DC:16 or lose his reflex save.
  • If the target makes int save he makes a ref save DC:10+ the samurai relevant BaB
  • the Katana makes 1D10+1 damage instead of normal.

The Samurai gets a free dodge against attack of opportunity.

Shōtō Kodachi Seiho

Shōtō Kodachi Seiho—Seven techniques with a wakizashi.

Nito Seiho

Nito Seiho—Five Kenjutsu(sword techniques) with two swords corresponding to the five forms in the Water Scroll

1st Kenjutsu of Water
2nd Kenjutsu of Water
3rd Kenjutsu of Water
4th Kenjutsu of Water
5th Kenjutsu of Water

  • Requires: Nito Seiho

The use of a paired katana or daitō and wakizashi or shōtō commonly referred to as nitōjutsu


  • one attack
  • BaB is the normal


  • swords damage turn to 2d10.
  • parry is impossible
  • 2 +damage.
  • targets ac is reduced by 2

attack of opportunity


Bōjutsu—Twenty techniques with a staff.

  • melee attacks with the staff gains 3 yard range.
  • AC increases with +1.
  • Attack of opportunity vs anyone within a circle of 6 yards,

Samurai Feats[edit]


Special attack with + 5 move and attack.

Special attack with 5+ run on move and attack.
A Special attack with 5+leaping move and attack.


katana & wa two weapon fighi high and down,right rear and lef rear benefit:

  • One extra attack, *

Katana uses normal BaB,Wa has the extra BaB from Samurai table.

  • 1+ damage with both swords
Improved B

You can switch Katana and wa under the attack, retroactive within a tenth of a second. benefit:

  • initiative + 2.
Advanced B

series of one and two weapon attacks. Benefit:

  • 3D6 damage
  • 1+

Sitting Style You gain an attack of opportunity versus any standing attacker.

  • +2 damage on Attacks Of Oppurtunity against standing targets.
  • 1 yard extra attack range against standing targets

Improved C

Sitt and raise taking force into the sword with a few stepts, against standing targed Benefit: 2 damage


You strike an vital spot. If you fail you do no damage.


Each hit allows one more hit, up to four. Use, first normal BaB, then Secondary Bab, then normal Babs extra attack, then Secondary Babs extra attack.


Your opponent does not see your attack and this changes your AC and BaB. This represents a sort of sneak attack. You flip the sword from the belt and cut without detection and often use some sort of distracting maneuver. AC + 4, against no attacks of opportunity.

Improved E

AC + 4, against no attacks of opportunity AC+ 2, BaB +2

Advanced E

AC + 4 BaB +2.


Move +10 and thurst attack.

Samurai Ork Feats[edit]

Invisible Fast Attack
  • benefit:Included in the class BaB.

When the Samurai attacks his weapon and his strike are invisible and extremely fast.

Ogre Strike
  • benefit:+1 damage with Katana.
Giant Strike
  • benefit:+ 2 damage with Giant Sword.
Ogre Sword Mastery
  • benefits;
  • +2 BaB with Ogre Sword.
  • +2 initiative with Ogre Sword
Rage of Heaven and Earth.
  • benefit;
  • +2 Bab
  • +2 Damage with any weapons
  • limit: 2/ day

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