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Family Ties [Ranked]

You have strong ties to your blood kin, such as they would delay important tasks to come to your aid.
Benefit: Blood can be thicker than wine. You can draw on some exceptionally loyal allies of similar status to yourself. Of course, this cuts both ways—if someone kills your father, you will have to hunt his murderer down to the farthest planet.
To gain your family’s aid, you must address a member personally or get a message to him. The GM then makes a Family Ties check. To the roll result, he adds 10 + your Charisma modifier, plus any modifiers based on the situation. If you have recently done a favor for you family, you may get a +2 on the check. If you recently risked your life for them, you may get a +4 or +6 on the check (GM’s discretion).
The DC depends on the type of aid asked. Asking to vacation at a relative’s house might be a 10 or 15, depending on how well he knows you or how much he owes your side of the family. Requesting your brothers and sisters to meet you in Cady’s Hollow with lasguns for a midnight raid on your rivals might be a 15 if it’s part of an ongoing feud or 20 if not. Asking them to help you kidnap the local lord and hold him ransom might be a 30 or 35, and could get you disowned if it failed. Your family may not have the high status or power that the Ally feat provides, but they are more loyal and persistent. A request may be attempted from the family only once per month. Two successive months of such requests cause the DC to rise for each successive attempt. Should the DC ever get as high as 40, the family will no longer heed your requests—you are an ungrateful, whining black sheep for the next year. However, you can perform favors to try and lower the DC back to normal.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects stack to raise the status of the family or involve higher-level family members who could not be bothered with your requests at lower levels.

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