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Extra Ability Use
Level: Psion/wilder 1
Display: Mental
Manifesting Time: 5 minutes
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Special
Power Points: 1A, XP

Select one psi-like, spell-like, supernatural, extraordinary, natural, or other ability (by the type of creature you are, by feats, by class, etc) that can be used a certain number of times per hour, day, week, month, year, and so on. The amount of times it can be used is reset to the maximum. You cannot regain points or slots that might have multiple uses, or anything that would allow you to manifest this power again for free. If you have an ability that has uses in different ways, you may reset only the ones used in one way (but if it can be used in that way multiple times, reset all of them in that way).

XP Cost: Depends on how often the ability can be used:

  • One hour or more often = 100 XP
  • One day = 400 XP
  • One week = 2800 XP
  • One month = 12000 XP
  • Two months or less often = 24000 XP

Augment: You may spend 2 additional PP to increase or decrease any difficulty classes associated with the ability by 1. You can do this any number of times. This is cancelled if your current number of power points increases or when the ability would recover by itself. This affects DC even for things that have not been used yet and are already at its maximum, but when they would reset, they still do.

These are some examples of how it can be used:

This power can be used:

  • Free manifesting ability of metamind - It wouldn't count as allowing you to manifest this power for free because it would still cost XP in this case, so it is allowed. You must select which level of powers you want when you use this to recover it.
  • Dromite's energy ray
  • Duergar's expansion and invisibility (selected separately)
  • Maenad's energy ray
  • Thri-kreen's poison bite
  • Xeph's burst
  • Gnome's spell-like abilities 1/day
  • Ettercap's webs - You can affect the DC of the Escape Artist check, Strength check, and Spot check required. All DCs are affected at once.
  • Factotum's capabilities that require inspiration points - If they have individual uses such as skill bonus, you must select the skill at the same time (and it cannot affect the DCs because those are not part of the special ability), also, this power does not recover inspiration points but only the use of such abilities, and it cannot be used with spells or class ability duplication, because those require slots

This power cannot be used:

  • Power points
  • Spell slots
  • The elan's repletion - This doesn't have a limit of use, and is also dependent on the use of power points, so there are two things that make it not acceptable for this use
  • Mind-flayer's psionics at will - These have no limit

This power could be used but it isn't as useful to do so:

  • Dragon's breath weapons - You could use the augment to affect the DC, but 1d4 rounds later after this power is completed the manifestation, the DC would be reset back to normal anyways, and it would still take 5 minutes to manifest

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