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Expert Craft[edit]

Some have a favored plane to fight in, and a preferred foe to face, you? you lust for that foe and thrive in your place of comfort!

Enhanced Favoritism

Beginning at 3rd level, you've adapted to fighting those you crave to kill. you may choose an additional favored terrain and enemy. You gain double proficiency on all wisdom, and intelligence checks involving those creature types. Additionally, while in your favored terrain, you always know which way is north, can forage for triple the amount you normally could, and can always find water, cover, and shelter.

Pray Upon

Beginning at 7th level, you hunt as if it were a game you enjoy. if you make an attack on your favored enemy while in sneak, it is counted as a critical hit. Additionally, wisdom checks and saves made in your favored terrain that are 18 or 19, are counted as a 20.

Real Life Nightmare

At 11th level, You have become the fear of those you hunt. You gain advantage in intimidation checks made on your favored enemy and are immune to being frightened, or intimidated by them. While in your favored terrain, you can cast minor illusion at will. Favored enemies make the wisdom save with disadvantage.

Run Run, You Can't Hide...

Beginning at 15th level, you have become the beast hunting your pray, never even knowing what hit them, before you're at their neck. When your favored enemy attempts the hide action, rolls sneak against you, it automatically fails and you know their exact position. When your favored enemy takes the dash action, your speed is doubled on your turn, and when your favored enemy disengages, you gain an opportunity attack on them. Additionally, you gain advantage on grapple checks and saves with your favored enemies. While in your favored terrain, you gain a + 5 to all Dexterity, and Wisdom checks and saves, as well as attack rolls, and are always counted as having 1/4ths cover.

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