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The Common Past[edit]

First the planet had only one continent, and it was full with life and beings such as the dinosaurs and Drow but a meteor strike, killed the sun and turning forests and seas into stones. The two continents where formed, one had an environment to evolve sentient life and the other had the environment to create the opposite to sentient life, dire animals.

Evolution in Aeoryran[edit]

Later but still billions of years ago on Aeoryan, different animals with their small brains, where learned make simple how to make fire and tools from smashing things, they where not exactly sentient or they where sentient but not aware of themselves. After developing an instinct to build the animals evolved into larger, smarter beings who where walking upright on two legs. Apes, lizards, insects and strange animals followed suit, all pushed by the continent that provided the perfect environment for sentience.

Evolution of Mankind[edit]

The universe allowed it to rain divinity Orbs and many of the dumbest races found these, balls of energy and lights. The Gods came to witness the raise of the first humanoid monkeys. The creatures where all male, all violent and needlessly tortured and slaughtered animals for sport, then they created weapons from the bones to demonstrate their inventiveness. Soon hunters started to use their weapons on themselves, gathers started to plant seeds and others enslaved animals and slaughtered these pets for food. The Hunter Killers, the farmers and the battle keepers all fought over the same land. The Gods approached and started to talk to the creatures, telling them they where their creators and that they could not be as they should be and therefore should submit and worship. Uttering half words and curses the creatures tried to kill the gods to free themselves from nature. The creatures where cut down but their women and children where hidden and they survived because that is the nature of evolution, the more you kill the more will survive. So human females where cursed by the gods, that they would always bear of their racial sin alone. The Energy Orb was activated by the deaths of all those humans and a god was generated from death of all those humans and his name was Zarus. Mankind evolved into a deity from the ashes of its defeat. From the apes energy orb one creature came, Zarus the perfect. In a sense this creature where nothing but magical simulations of future evolution that copies and pasted one version. A possible future that was not real and they where afraid of not becoming real. Zarus saw into the future the possibility humanity evolution and decided to enforce it as predestination. Taking evolution as a blue print and casting it aside, Zarus breed with the apes and genetically engineered them, then abandoned their children to weed out the week. Under Zarus, the hunter killers killed and conquered the farmer-gatherers and cattle butchers. These proud warriors defended the enslaved farmers from threats and mutilated the evil and corrupt until they learned better. Zarus selected his priests kings and priest warriors, crushing their opposition with their golden perfect muscular bodies and cold metallic souls. But there was also another race, the Vasheran who descended from the apes that rejected Zarus as being just like the monster gods before him. and Zarus cursed them and they become a forsaken race.

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