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Everlasting Bulwark[edit]

You are the pinnacle of durability and longevity. Trying to take you down is like trying to take down a mountain.

Prerequisite: 21st level, 20 CON, any defender class

You have fallen ill, you have been wounded, you may have suffered both physically and mentally, but you always noticed one thing: you healed up fast. You decided to put this talent of yours to use to protect those who are not as tough as you. It could be for various reasons: either because you want to build strong bonds with people you can trust, or because you want to become a famous warrior, recognized as an icon of invincibility, or you may just do it for profit, since keeping other people alive is a job that doesn't know crisis...


Thanks to your unnatural regeneration abilities, you noticed that diseases cannot threaten you and your wounds heal up incredibly fast. Before you even realize it, your lifespan is extended way beyond the one of any normal member of your race. The end may eventually come for you, but that's all depending on strong your resolve is: the stronger the resolve, the farther the end.

Possible end: When times of peace come, you may decide to retire, either becoming a symbol for a community (a large city, or even the small hometown where he was born) or deciding to live as a hermit, until your services will be required again.

Everlasting Bulwark Features[edit]

All Everlasting Bulwarks have the following features.

Everlasting Resolve (21st Level): Your CON score increases by 4. You also gain an additional bonus to Armor Class, Fortitude and Will equal to 1 + 1/5 (round down) of your CON modifier.
Everlasting Regeneration (24th Level): Your healing surge value increases by 10. In addition, your Second Wind also grants you regeneration equal to 1/2 (round down) of your CON modifier until the end of the encounter.
Everlasting Mortality (30th Level): Your maximum hit points increase by 40. You also gain 1 additional healing surge per day. In addition, once per day, if you are dead and you still have healing surges unspent you may decide to spend all your healing surges left to revive yourself with an amount of health equal to twice your CON modifier per surge spent up to a maximum of 3/4 (round down) of your maximum health.

Everlasting Bulwark Powers[edit]

Everlasting Aegis Everlasting Bulwark Utility 26
You are the beacon of protection, protecting those who are close to you against the onslaught.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Stance
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You assume the Everlasting Aegis stance. Until the stance ends you and every ally within 5 squares of you gain damage resistance equal to your CON modifier, but your speed is reduced to 2.

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