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You can use your knowledge of proper manners to smooth over social blunders.
Prerequisite: Int 13+.
Benefit: You may attempt to smooth over bad feelings froma social faux pas and/or vulgar breach of etiquette, committed either by you, you compatriots, or someone you feel sympathy for. You cannot undo the mistake, but you can erase the social stigma from whoever committed the error—thereby avoiding the consequences of such a gaffe.
For instance, if Dame Chingmy inadvertantly insulted Baron Esquival by mistaking him for the stable boy, you can step in to cool rising tempers or tarnished pride by quoting maxims from Count Edvard Torenson’s The Nobility of the Steed and its Admirers, a classic volume expounding on the important relationship between a master horseman and his staff (not to mention his horse). Hence, you can convince them that there is no shame in such a mistaken identity—as long as it doesn’t occur again...
Etiquette may also be used to counter a Wither Insult feat directed at you or others. You and the target both make a Will save, using the higher result. If the insult is directed at you, add +2 to the Will save result.
If someone is intentionally trying to cause a social incident (such as provoke a duel), make opposed Diplomacy checks with all relevant modifiers. Those with Etiquette gain a +2 bonus for this check. You can use your Etiquette a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier.

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