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Eternal Seal
Transmutation (Creation)
Spellcraft DC: 375
Components: One gem worth 500,000gp
Casting time: Full-round
Range: 300ft
Target, Effect, or Area: One creature within 300ft of the caster.
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Fortitude
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: Seeds: Conceal (DC+17), Conjure (DC+21), Transform (DC+21). Factors: increase maximum bindings to 50 cubic ft (DC+60), block divination spells (DC+6), turn creature into inanimate object (DC+10), change creatures type (DC+5), overcome immunity of gaseous and incorporal creatures (DC+10), increase save DC by 50 (DC+100), make permanent (DCx5). Mitigating factors: burn 20,000xp (DC-200), requires component worth 500,000gp (ad-hoc DC-200), reduce casters constitution to 1 for 1d8 days after casting spell (ad-hoc DC-250), render caster unconscious for 1d8+1 days after casting spell (ad-hoc DC-250). Material cost: 3,375,000gp. Research time: 68 days. XP cost: 135,000xp.

Designed by a Sorcerer fed up of fighting the same God over and over again, this spell can permanently seal any creature. As you utter the last words, make the final hand motion and crush the gem in you hand you see the creature focus for a moment as it tries to resist you spell. It then changes rapidly, it's flesh becoming orichalcum as Adamantine chains encircle its body binding it's now still form.

The subject of this spell should it fail it's saving throw is turned into orichalcum statue of itself, it's gear is unaffected. This doesn't kill the creature instead placing it in a state of suspended animation, it retains its own hit points but gains the new hardness score. It has the same capabilities as an actual statue and so is incapable of any action, while in this form the creature does not need to eat, sleep, drink or breath. The creatures location is also hidden from all divination spells and any attempting to overcome this must succeed at an opposed cater level check to determine which spell works. Regardless of whether the creature passes or fails it's saving throw 50 cu. ft of Adamantine chains attempt to encircle the creature, if they failed their save this is an automatic success. If the creature passed then treat this as a grapple attack by the caster using their primary ability score instead of strength and as one size category higher than the creature. Once ensnared by the chains treat as if bound and only able to take half actions until the chains are removed.

The fortitude save to resist this spell as well as any attempt to dispel it receives a +50 to the DC. Once created the chains act as normal chains of their size and cannot be dispelled but can be destroyed normally.

Material Component: Any gem worth 500,000gp

XP Cost: 20,000xp

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