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Eternal Ally (Ritual)
Enchantment (Compulsion) [Mind-Affecting]
Spellcraft DC: 41
Components: V, S, XP
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Touch
Target: One intelligent creature
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes
To Develop: 369,000 GP; 14760 XP. Seeds: Compel (DC 19), Transform (DC 21). Factors: stricter compulsion affect and more creatures (ad hoc +10 DC), changes creature's alignment (ad hoc +10 DC), +20 on bypassing SR (+40 DC), +30 DC (+40 DC), permanent duration (x5 DC). Mitigating factors: each participant burns 20,000 XP (-600 DC), no physical changes (ad hoc -10 DC), two other participants, each using a 7th-level spell slot (-26 DC), each participant takes 11d6 backlash damage (-33 DC).

The traitorous half-celestial utters her perfect, shimmering laugh, as she stares at the three robed figures with rancor. 'Back again, are we? Have you bought more of your worthless helmets, or has Vandwand come to beg again?' The woman's husband glares at her coldly. 'I see now that we have no alternative, Aelwen, my love. As reason seems to have left your mind, I see no alternative.' He turns to Galdur, the sorcerer, tears in his eyes, and nods. The half-gold dragon reaches out with a perfect diamond figurine of the half-celestial, and crushes it in his hand, which begins to crackle with brilliant white lightning. He places his palm against his former ally's forehead, and begins chanting in a deep, ominous tone. Vandwand and the redeemed drow, Pendor, begin chanting with the sorcerer, rays of white light streaking out towards Galdur's hand. In a single, intense moment, a burst of light erupts from Aelwen's brow, her eyes glowing with all the heavenly light of Celestia. The light dissipates, and the three casters collapse, as their returned friend rushes to their aid.

This powerful spell causes one subject, willing or unwilling, to instantly change to the the casters' chosen alignment (unwilling subject receive a Will save, with a DC of 40 + any modifiers to spell save DCs. In addition, the subject must make another Will save of the same DC or be permanently compelled to act out the casters' wishes. Due to this spell's immense power, all of the participants in the ritual take 20d6 backlash damage.

This spell can be removed only with a spell similar to, or exactly the same as, this one.

The Story of the Spell[edit]

The mighty half-celestial high elf Vandwand was a member of a notable adventuring party, who fell in love with the cohort of the party's leader, the half-gold dragon Galdur Drekkin. This cohort was the notable gray elf Half-celestial Aelwen the Radiant. The two were married, and Aelwen left the service of Drekkin in order to more devote herself to her husband. However, when the adventurers made their last stand against the mighty lich Gildorn Dragonbane, they were attacked by his three underliches: a notable dragon hunter, a powerful albino drow vampire, and Aelwen. The party succeeded in slaying the lich, along with destroying his phylactery, as well as killing the dragon hunter and the drow, and capturing Aelwen. Aelwen revealed that she had been a blackguard who came to gain information about the notable adventurers, and found Vandwand's love for her to be but an opportunity, to be taken advantage of. She said that she had never loved Vandwand, and would never turn to the side of good. As Vandwand was unable to craft spells of this magnitude, he pleaded for Galdur to craft a spell such as this for him. The spell was successful, though Vandwand, knowing that Aelwen had no real love for him, refused to remarry her, spending the rest of his days companionless.

Material Component: A figurine made of pure diamond, shaped accurately as the subject of the spell. The figurine is worth 50,000 gp, and requires a DC 40 Craft (gem cutting) check to create.

XP Cost: 20,000 per participant.

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