Eschew Materials Variant (3.5e Feat)

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Eschew Materials [Metamagic]

Ignore material components of 1 gp or less for free, adjust spell level for costs above that.
Benefit: You can ignore material components that cost 1GP or less without adjusting spell level, essentially meaning you no longer require a components pouch. Consult the table for the level increase for spells with components of more than 1 GP.
Special: Eschew Materials does not increase casting time when used spontaneously.

GP cost of
Spell Level
0 to 1 +0
>1 to 100 +1
>100 to 500 +2
>500 to 1,000 +3
>1,000 to 5,000 +4
>5,000 to
>25,000 to
×10 +1*

For each order of magnitude past 100,000, add 1 to the spell level.

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