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A deer's skull on a green diamond

Domains: Wilderness, Strength
Warpriest Domain: Storm

The Erlking is Fenir's brother in creating the Fenirborn. The Erlking represents hunting to the Fenirborn and is associated with the wilds. He opposes those who seek to remove the wild places of the world and who stand in the way of his hunt. The Erlking lives in the Northern Forests where the Fenirborn make their homes. He enters the world as a hunter wearing a deer skull for a helmet. He can alter the natural world to assist his favored people and harm his enemies He favors those who fight skillfully and protect nature. While not responsible for shaping them, he does give them their wolf instincts and their more savage characteristics. He often appears as a hunter and will use nature and predators to show his will. He is loyal to nature and opposes any who harm the natural world. He strongly opposes the Undead, Demons, and anything that is unnatural. He feuds with Fenir, but the two work together when fighting for Nature and to protect their children. His commandments are as follows...

  • Fight for nature, every thing has a place and deserves it
  • Kill cleanly and quickly, don't let your prey suffer uselessly
  • Never let a demon survive your gaze
  • Never kill a hunter without cause


The Erlking would contact a primal class or Fenirborn about killing those who damage nature in the area and task the hero to remove the destruction. If this is done, the Erlking will assist the hero when they need help, be it creating a vine bridge, or sending bears to attack their pursuers.


The Erlking listens to anyone who protects nature. He will often appear as a hunter looking for help and will grant a boon to those who help him.


Compared to Fenir, the Erlking is a savage god. He lacks an official temple, but the Fenirborn hold fairy circles, or crossings to the Faelands, to be sacred to him.


The Erlking is honored on the Bloodmoon, when the moon turns red. Fenirborn will shift to wolves without control during this time, and will often retreat to the wilderness to hunt for food. Any who anger the Erlking are tasked with killing an Elder Dragon to prove their skill.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

The Erlking will appear as a hunter to be his own herald. His allies are any predatory, but he will also work with Fenir and the Lady of Sorrows in a temporary alliance until their common enemy is destroyed

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